Jacob and Co Astronomia Solar Watch

Looking for a unique timepiece that combines fine Swiss craftsmanship and horological decoration brilliance, then choose Jacob and Co. Astronomia Solar watches. The timepiece keeps every element in constant motion, all beating in an oscillator at the center of the three-axis tourbillon, displaying the celestial world and the orbital display of hours and minutes. The brand is known for some of the more striking and daring timepieces on the market, as well as some of the most expensive.

Looking closely at this extraordinary timepiece, the case design is rather ordinary, 44.5 mm, 18k rose gold, with sapphires filling the space, allowing the brilliance of the inner movement to be seen at a glance. At 21mm thick, it may seem chunky, but with its three-dimensional movement and domed sapphire crystal, there’s nothing else to choose from. This makes the watch very visible on your wrist and gets noticed by others. There is no visible crown on the fake watches for sale, and setting the time and winding the movement is accomplished through two folded 18k rose gold ‘bows’ on the back of the case. However, it is not the back that really catches the eye of this timepiece, but the delicate and elegant dial.

The exposed movement is open on the dial for all to see. The movement itself is made of three separate arms, one leading to the sub-dials showing the time, the second leading to the flying tourbillon and the third leading to the globe. The blued-steel hour and minute hands are sizable for legibility and contrast with the 18k rose gold skeletonized sub-dials.

The tourbillon bears the Jacob & Co. logo on the bridges and rotates on two axes. You might be surprised that this Astronomia solar watch is a biaxial tourbillon. The movement rotates once horizontally every 60 seconds and vertically every 10 minutes. The exquisite globe in rose gold and blue lacquer rotates once on its own every 60 seconds and around the dial every 10 minutes, and the entire movement rotates clockwise every 10 minutes. The highly decorated aventurine base resembles the night sky and reflects the solar system in the timepiece.

The stunning Astronomia Solar Watch created by Jacob & Co. features a 1.5 carat rhubarb crystal in the center of the dial, cut to represent the sun and then set with three other gemstones, amethyst, garnet and smoky quartz to represent the other planets. And if that wasn’t spectacular enough, the functional design allows these planets to rotate with the movement, depicting a miniature solar system on your wrist. Equipped with 444 components, the in-house movement JCAM19 is unique because it is mainly made of titanium. This choice was made due to the large number of rotating parts and the finding of a way to lighten the load on the mainspring. The tourbillon beats at 4 Hz, has a power reserve of 48 hours, and is finished with such beautiful sandblasted and beveled bridges,

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Watch is a limited edition timepiece that truly puts the world on your wrist.