Precision is key: Bell & Ross range of instruments showcased

From GMTs to chronographs to dive timers – the Bell & Ross Instruments collection of watches is a hallmark of reliability, accuracy and performance

The world of Bell & Ross watches is based on four fundamental principles: legibility, functionality, accuracy and reliability. Every timepiece produced by the Swiss brand at its La Chaux-de-Fonds factory reflects this philosophy, supported by the skills and expertise of master watchmakers, engineers, professional users and designers. Bell & Ross has created a line of tool watches that are tough, reliable and known as ‘tools’ – considering they aptly represent the brand’s fine watchmaking DNA. Here we take an in-depth look at their popular and powerful Instruments line.

Time Instruments: Defining the Characteristics of The Instruments Collection
When the company was founded in 1992 as the university project of Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo, the two friends had a clear vision of what they wanted their brand to stand for. The idea was to create instrumental pieces inspired by the military. Over time, Bell & Ross’ extensive watch portfolio has consisted of two signature collections – Vintage and Instruments. The former demonstrates utility in its simplest form, while the latter pays homage to the ’round square’ clocks found on military aircraft. Inspired by these instruments, Bell & Ross has recreated them for the wrist.

The concept of the Instruments collection is based on a round dial inside a square case, with function as the basis for the case features. The dashboard clock-inspired BR-01 watch was first introduced in 2005, leading to a dramatic transformation of the company’s image and instant success. It became a true cornerstone of the tool watch, one of the most recognizable best watches replica in the world. Its most recognizable feature – the round dial inside the square case – features four functional screws (one in each corner). It is usually black to avoid reflections in the cockpit while contrasting with the radium/tritium hour markers and hands.

Since the debut of the first BR-01 watch, Bell & Ross has used the same recipe to create a series of variations in the collection. This includes not only the presence of different complications such as altimeter, GMT or radar, but also design-focused options with new materials and strap options. The core series has indeed evolved over time, with the BR-01 gradually being replaced by the now iconic but smaller BR-03 series, some of which are explained below:

BR-03 car
Known for its aviation-inspired aesthetic, the Bell & Ross BR-03 Auto features a signature square case and round dial. With a special aesthetic that pays homage to the cockpit, the BR-03 collection is powered by a precise automatic movement and features a signature transparent dial in black, gray or blue options, with contrasting appliquéd metal hour markers and numerals. All of this is paired with a matte black ceramic or silver steel 42mm case structure featuring an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and 100m water resistance. There is also a convenient date window display at 4:30. The different models of the BR-03 Auto are available with a variety of strap options; including leather or rubber in different color variations.

BR-03 Diver
As the name suggests, the BR-03 series also has a wide range of dive watches to choose from. As the first square diving watch made by Bell & Ross, the BR-03 Diver is specially designed for professionals who love to explore the underwater world. This timepiece complies with international standards for diving watches and is the perfect companion for ocean explorers. Its high-quality readability, underwater ease of use, and professional and accurate time tracking allow for a flawless diving experience with the utmost care and safety.

The BR-03 Diver collection is available in a variety of cases and dials. The lineup is extensive, with more than 10 models in the catalogue, featuring steel, black ceramic or bronze case construction with contrasting black, blue, white and brown dial options. Each timepiece features an obligatory unidirectional rotating bezel with graduations in different colored ceramic options. Like the BR-03 Auto, this collection is powered by a precise automatic movement that provides time and date functions. The collection offers a variety of strap options in terms of material and colour. These legible, functional, accurate, robust and reliable timepieces meet the specific needs of professionals on the job.

BR-03 Chronograph
Besides being one of the most difficult complications to perfect, the chronograph is also one of the most important and useful functions of a watch. It is therefore no surprise that the BR-03 is also equipped with a chronograph complication. Meeting all four fundamental principles of legibility, functionality, accuracy and reliability, the BR-03 Chrono truly embodies the core DNA of the Instruments range. The BR-03 Chrono is equipped with an iconic 42mm black ceramic and steel square case, and a round dial in black and blue classic colors. The Caliber BR-CAL.301 mechanical automatic movement inside the BR-03 Chrono highlights its Practicality and practicality. The dial features chrono counters with date window and interchangeable rubber or canvas strap options.

BR-03 Greenwich Mean Time
The BR-03 GMT is also known as the International Traveler’s Meter and, as its name suggests, is dedicated to the needs of pilots, especially pilots and avid travelers and globetrotters. The GMT complication with second time zone capability provides an indispensable tool for pilots, explorers and those who need to keep track of multiple time zones simultaneously.

Like most earlier versions, the BR-03 GMT follows the iconic aesthetic and design codes of the BR-03 series. This includes a 42mm polished stainless steel square case that is water resistant to 100 meters. The round black dial inside the case features skeletonized hour and minute hands.

Despite the iconic symbol, the BR-03 GMT offers two new features that grab your attention – the external rotating 24-hour “Coca-Cola” bezel in the famous black and red color scheme, and the ornately designed red tip and luminous bezel 24 – hour hand.

BR S Quartz
For this version of the iconic Instruments watch, Bell & Ross took the iconic square case and made it smaller, sleeker and smarter (which is why it’s called the BR “S” )Appearance. Designed for everyday use, this watch features a sharp 39mm case construction and a sleek profile that fits perfectly on both men’s and women’s wrists.

The ergonomic case construction features a range of classic materials such as black ceramic and polished steel, as well as a variety of dial options in camouflage, mother-of-pearl and pink and gray sunburst dials. The entire collection is powered by the BR-CAL.102 quartz movement, which provides accurate time and date functions. The wide world of the BR S Quartz collection offers a variety of strap options, making this watch a highly versatile choice in terms of style and purpose.