There is an unforgettable blue called TUDOR BLUE Tudor Blue

Since the 1960s, a variety of watches with blue elements on the surface and details have appeared in the Tudor cheap watch catalogue. This is a symbol of the close connection between Tudor watches and the ocean, and it also reflects the creativity of the brand with its deep ingenuity and pioneering spirit. Needless to say, diving watches, other chronograph watches and sports watches with integrated straps, the profound and vivid “blue” is also used as a logo design element and has become a classic aesthetic feature of the Tudor watch series. It is still used today in women’s and men’s watches. No matter what you like, participate in adventure activities, or attend any occasion, you can always find your favorite “perfect partner” in that touch of blue.

Blue blood: TUDOR Royal

Tudor’s use of the word ‘royal’ dates back to the 1950s, which highlights the extraordinary quality of the watch and gives it a nobility. In the 1960s, the feature of the distance between the polished finish and the grooved cut-the “pitted outer ring” was introduced, adding a new highlight to the design aesthetics of Tudor watches. Features, even today, represent a synonym for brand creativity. In 1973, the concept of integrating the strap into the case appeared for the first time, and was included in the Tudor watch catalog with the birth of the Ranger II watch.

Tudor Royal stainless steel case, diameter 41 mm, 316L steel pitted outer ring, cut pitted pattern and polished finish at intervals, blue dial with sunray effect, hour, minute, second, date, week display, T603 type Self-winding mechanical movement, 38-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass mirror, waterproof 100 meters, 316L steel integrated strap, 5 rows of links, the outer and middle links are frosted, and the interval links are finely polished. Discounts and insurance deductions.

These historical classics and aesthetic features are all condensed and reinterpreted in the new TUDOR Royal series. One of the watches is specially decorated with a blue sunray-effect polished surface, which is distinguished and eye-catching, especially in style. The 41 mm model is equipped with day and calendar functions, and the other diameter models have calendar functions, and all sizes can be equipped with diamond-set hour markers. Under the elegant and noble blue aura, no matter in various environments and occasions, the blue watches of the TUDOR Royal series perform well and are extraordinary.

The “blue” with profound connotation and vivid expression is the design element of Tudor watch logo, and now “Tudor blue” is one of the most eye-catching iconic designs of Tudor watches.

The TUDOR Royal series watch inherits the classics, looks to the future, perfectly interprets the essence of the brand, is affordable, and has superior quality at the same time. Like other series of watches of the brand, Tudor watch provides a five-year warranty guarantee for the TUDOR Royal series models, without registration or regular inspection. The self-winding mechanical movement it uses, the precision timepiece performance is comparable to the Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC) movement. Tudor recommends that it should be maintained every ten years, and the specific model and actual usage shall prevail.

“Navy Blue” French Navy Blue: Black Bay Fifty-Eight

For vintage watch lovers, the blue color of the Tudor diving watch is inseparable from the French Navy (Marine Nationale). In the mid-1970s, the French Navy began to entrust Tudor to provide solid, reliable and technologically advanced professional diving watches. It lasted for nearly two decades, and this batch of watches used blue as the main color. Over the years, Tudor watches have replaced the classic black surfaces commonly used by diving watches at that time with blue surfaces. In addition, the unique inscription (the letter M.N. and the last two digits of the year of release) engraved on the bottom of the case also shows the extremely popular lifestyle of underwater exploration at that time. These watches, dubbed ‘TUDOR MN’ (Tudor French Navy watches), quickly became highly sought after objects by collectors.

Black Bay Fifty-Eight navy replica watches online stainless steel case, diameter 39 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, MT5402 self-winding movement, power reserve 70 hours, COSC certification, sapphire crystal glass mirror, water resistance 200 meters, stainless steel chain strap/textured strap/leather strap.

It is precisely out of deep respect for this batch of historical watches and the extraordinary past that the Black Bay Fifty-Eight (Biwan 1958) ‘Navy Blue’ style was born. In addition to being equipped with a blue matte surface and outer ring, this watch also follows the classic proportions of this generation of watches. The case with a diameter of 39 mm is also suitable for those with slender wrists. It is the favorite choice for lovers of small watches and retro watches. The characteristic textured strap is also “navy blue”, woven by traditional techniques in France, and its distinctive appearance subtly echoes the well-known “TUDOR MN” watch. Looking back at history, the wristwatches delivered to the French Navy at that time were not equipped with Tudor straps, but were matched with various types of textured straps, especially the woven style.

Deepest Blue Fearless: Pelagos

Over the past sixty years, Tudor watches have always maintained a close connection with the ocean, and among all existing models, whoever best represents the brand’s natural adventurous spirit and fearless pioneering spirit is not this The blue Pelagos (leading submersible) watch is none other than the watch.

Pelagos titanium and stainless steel case, diameter 42 mm, hour, minute, second, date, self-made MT5612 self-winding movement, power reserve 70 hours, COSC certification, sapphire crystal glass mirror, waterproof 500 meters.

Since the 1950s, Tudor swiss movement replica watches have been the ideal choice for professional divers in the world’s top navies. With cutting-edge technology ahead of the times, Pelagos has become a leader in mechanical diving watches. It has a series of technical features specially developed for underwater operations, including the helium escape valve required for saturation diving and the ceramic rotating bezel with phosphorescent hour markers. It is also equipped with a unique strap with a patented buckle, made of titanium The combination of metal and steel materials can automatically adjust the length according to the wearer’s wrist to adapt to the difference in thickness of the wetsuit due to pressure changes when diving or surfacing.

Multi-faceted life with “blue”: Black Bay 32

Blue elements are also incorporated into the Black Bay series to show feminine elegance. Inheriting the classic aesthetic features of the Black Bay series, combined with ingenious design elements, the small-diameter Black Bay 32 (Bi Bay 32) watch condenses the logo design of Tudor performance watches on women’s wrists, and has a delicate appearance and practical performance. Black Bay 32 is specially paired with a glossy turquoise lacquer surface, making it easy to adapt to various needs in various occasions. Under the office lights, it is impossible to resist the good taste shown in the subtlety, and the elegant temperament is revealed in a low-key way. Under the bright sunshine of the weekend, it is even more shining, and it is even more charming in the attention.

Black Bay 32 stainless steel case, diameter 32mm, blue dial, hour, minute, second, date display, T600 self-winding movement, power reserve 38 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, waterproof 150 meters.

The Black Bay 32 watch is water-resistant to 150 meters (500 feet) and equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, which is clear and easy to read. Its steel case adopts polished and matte finish, optional steel strap, folded leather strap or black textured strap, a variety of functions to meet the colorful life, with “blue” brilliant, always can Everything is covered.

The romantic color of “Mediterranean Blue”: Heritage Chrono Blue

With Mediterranean blue as the hue, the Heritage Chrono Blue seems to bring people back to the warm and lazy coast of South France, filled with a strong holiday style, and reminds people of the 70s when colorful creativity flourished. Era. Inspired by Tudor’s first blue chronograph watch (model 7169), which came out in 1971, it is also known in the collection circle under the nickname “Monte-Carlo”. It got its name because of its surface resemblance to the legendary roulette wheel of the casino in Monaco, which aroused associations. The inspiration brought by the first generation of classics also gave the Heritage Chrono Blue watch this nickname, which is very popular.

Heritage Chrono Blue stainless steel polished and brushed case, diameter 42 mm, stainless steel 12-hour scale (48 positions), bidirectional rotating outer ring to display the second time zone, with blue lettering, Tudor 2892 self-winding mechanical movement , equipped with additional timing performance devices, power reserve of about 42 hours, anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass mirror, waterproof up to 150 meters, stainless steel strap with discount and safety buckle.

Condensing the deep emotion for this color from the long history of the brand, ‘blue’ also appears on the textured strap of the chronograph watch. This strap is exclusively handmade by a French family business using traditional techniques, perpetuating the nearly lost technique of jacquard weaving. In addition to the logo blue rotating outer ring and 45-minute counter, the creative combination with the textured strap makes the Heritage Chrono Blue watch more sporty and full of personality. tudor black bay replica watches