URWERK presents UR-1001 “TITAN”

URWERK UR-1001 “TITAN” – it’s time for a superlative product.

URWERK UR-1001 “TITAN” is the craziest, most complex, most desirable, most high-tech, most futuristic product yet. . . In short, it is the most powerful of all URWERK’s works. This is a confident Zeit titanium mechanism that indicates seconds, minutes, hours, day of the week, date, month, year, century and even millennium in a completely original and innovative way. more importantly? URWERK provides the UR-1001 with a wide strap that can be worn on the wrist. “TITAN” is the pure essence distilled by URWERK.

The URWERK UR-1001 “TITAN” is so named because its spectacular titanium case dimensions (106mm x 62mm x 23mm) are as top-of-the-line as the complications inside, making it the ideal platform to showcase URWERK’s virtuosity . replica urwerk watches

Presentation of the outstanding technical features of the URWERK UR-1001 “TITAN”:

Patented Rotating Satellite complication with rotating hour and retrograde minutes. The central disc with three conical satellites with hour markers is the nerve center of the satellite complication. The carousel spins on a precision ball bearing system so there is no need for an upper support bridge that would block the magnificent view.

Rotate satellite calendar. The Rotating Satellite Calendar is an original calendar complication developed entirely in-house by URWERK – both technically and graphically. Visually, it belongs to the same family as the Hour Satellite complication, with the month and date replacing the hours and retrograde minutes. However, while the hours rotate in minutes on a constant 60-minute cycle, the months automatically adjust the last date on the calendar complication according to whether they have 30 or 31 days.

Felix Baumgartner, co-founder and head watchmaker at URWERK – reveals how the mechanism works: “At the end of a 30-day month – April, June, September and November – the date automatically advances to the next 1st of the month. At the end of the short month, a finger on the Maltese cross intervenes to advance the date wheel by two days to the next month. replica watches online

“OIL CHANGE” indicator light. The shortest time interval measured on the back is the 5 year “oil change” indicator on the middle right when the dial changes from white (year one to year three) to red (year three to five). When timed for maintenance, this counter is reset to zero.

100 years indicator. The 100-year indicator advances in 5-year increments, like a car’s odometer. The car’s odometer records the total distance traveled by the vehicle, while the URWERK UR-1001’s 100-year and 1000-year indicators record the total runtime of the movement.

1000 indicators. When the pointer reaches the 100-year mark, the small pointer at the bottom of the 1000-year indicator on the left takes a small step – small for URWERK UR-1001 “TITAN”, but one giant leap for mankind — 100 Years Embark on a slow but deliberate journey into the new millennium.

Fine finishing. The exquisite finishes and decorations of the “TITAN” cases, dials and components are a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, echoing the spirit of URWERK’s 21st century watchmaking based on the best solid foundations of traditional watchmaking. The hobnail pattern on the dial is rich in texture and contrasts with the flat surfaces on the indicators. The satellite and its hands feature diamond-cut bevels to reflect light during the day, while a flush-set white Super-LumiNova ensures the time is clearly legible at night. The hobnail guilloché caseback and the Maison URWERK peak continue the surface, while the Côtes de Genève are engraved on the part of the bridge that supports the base of the hour satellite complication. urwerk ur-110 replica