Space, Stars and Cyberspace in the New Interstellar Capsule Collection for Chanel

Chanel has always created watches at the intersection of watchmaking and jewelry. This year, a series of new products were unveiled at the Geneva Watch and Wonder Fair, dedicated to the theme of space and stars. The capsule collection is aptly named – Interstellar. We tell you what kind of watch it contains.

J12 lunar eclipse
True to its name, the collection consists of 7 models, showcasing a seamless transition from white ceramic to matt black ceramic. The five models in the middle are different combinations of the two materials.

J12 Tourbillon Diamond
The highlight of this watch is a large diamond that rotates to the rhythm of a flying tourbillon manufactured and assembled at the Chanel Manufacture. The design of this model is based on the visual contrast between the brilliance of this flowing diamond and the velvety smooth surface of the white ceramic.

J12 Cybernetics and Hypercybernetics
A similar idea is used here, but in a more graphical form. In J12 Cybernetic, white ceramic conquers black territory pixel by pixel. In the Hyper Cybernetic watch, white ceramic is replaced by a pixelated pattern lined with diamonds.

J12 space-time
Another pair features a combination of black and white ceramic. In this watch, the tandem of black and white is complemented by white gold and diamonds.

J12 interstellar
A style featuring the classic design of the J12 series. The black dial with starry sky sequins and the second hand with a comet tail add a touch of modernity to the watch.

J12 Miss Universe
The dial of this watch is similar to that of previous watches, but it is no longer the eternally galloping comet, but Miss Chanel in a black evening dress. The couturier hands act as hour and minute hands.

J12 Universe
Monochrome with white ceramic for a slightly more refined design. Against a backdrop of flying saucers, comets and rockets, Mademoiselle Chanel glows in the dark.

Supreme Lucky Star
Against the graphic Première case, the sequined black lacquered dial looks completely different. Fortunately for the future owner, the online replica watches comes with a star-shaped amulet keychain encrusted with diamonds.

Premiere Camelia X-Ray
Watches with open mechanisms, with bridges carved in the shape of camellias, have appeared in Chanel collections. New is the engraved sapphire case that completely changes the look of this model.

Advanced X-ray
The highlight of this model is the bracelet that combines femininity and transparency. White gold links set with diamonds alternate with transparent sapphire links.