Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic Watch

Knowing the differences between the various copy Piaget ultra-thin watches can be a bit confusing at this point in the watch. Before Bulgari ventured into the ultra-thin watch game, Piaget was the undeniable winner in the thin mechanical movement division, drawing on its heritage dating back to the 1960s, when Piaget (and other brands) focused on Make the mechanical movement as thin as possible. By the 1970s, the thinness of mechanical movements became a matter of debate, given the introduction of quartz movements, which could be even thinner. Ultra-thin, as a development field in the mechanical watch industry, has mostly been silent for nearly 30 years. Piaget then returned to ultra-thin territory with its Altiplano collection. Eventually, Bulgari started competing on the same stage and applied more marketing communications around the development of its movements and ultra-thin. Piaget loses out in getting the accolades for many technical achievements, as well as the consumer attention they probably deserve for their ultra-thin timepieces. Now, in 2023, with ultra-thin mechanical watches becoming more popular, it may be time to revisit some of Piaget’s products, including this very “everyday wear” Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic.

The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic was originally released in 2017. While the Altiplano line exists and includes automatics, this particular watch aims to combine the latest generation of “ultimate” thin Piaget watches (the case itself being the main plate of the movement) with the automatic The winding mechanism is combined. The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic contains the 910P movement that Piaget developed and manufactured in-house, which is actually also part of the case. However, the model under review is new for 2023: reference number G0A48125, which combines an 18k rose gold case with a dark blue-toned dial. A similar version of this watch was also released a year earlier in 2022 (reference G0A47124), but with a row of brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel. G0A48125 removes the diamonds and makes the dress look a little less, the 0 does feel like a lot. 59 carats of diamonds.

I think it is also important to compare this Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic with another Piaget timepiece: the Altiplano Ultimate Concept. Originally launched in 2018, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept is about half the thickness of the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic (the case is 2mm thick). Because this record-setting Popular watch copy (when it was released) was a standout. That said, it and other extremely thin timepieces are more of a mechanical marvel than a practical everyday wear item. Therefore, in my opinion, the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic is the best choice for most consumers with its goal of good quality, low price, automatic winding convenience and overall daily wearing comfort.

At 4.3mm thick (in a 41mm wide case), the Altiplano Ultimate Automatic isn’t a thick watch by any standards. Anything around five or six millimeters (or less) thick is going to be pretty thin on the wrist, in my estimation. Once the timepiece gets too thin, I think it’s reasonable to be very concerned that it will break. It also sparked a brief discussion about how ultra-thin as a concept becomes one of the “hidden” grand complications. While ultra-thin watches don’t add functionality, the process of designing and assembling an ultra-thin movement is very different from a thicker movement, with more “breathing room” in the areas where movement components can exist. Even with all the right components designed and tested, assembling an ultra-thin movement is anything but routine. A great deal of special skill and the correct sequence of assembly are required to ensure that the finished movement will function properly. This is largely due to the extremely tight tolerances and spaces in which the moving parts must operate.

To give the caliber 910P its self-winding function, Piaget decided to use a peripheral automatic oscillating weight that moves gracefully around the perimeter of the case. This part of the movement can be hard to see with the naked eye if you don’t actually look for it. Piaget has placed a small “910P” label on the rotor and applied a sort of elliptical curve graphic to it to make it easier for your eyes to notice this part of the mechanism.

The Caliber 910P self-winding movement is composed of 219 parts – many of which can be viewed through the men wholesale watch‘s dial. The movement runs at a frequency of 3 Hz and has a power reserve of 48 hours. The automatic oscillating weight is made of 22k gold and most of the movement bridges and bridges are treated with a dark blue PVD coating for an attractive colour. The movement only displays the time in hours and minutes, and the off-centre dial takes up about two-thirds of the dial (meaning that the legibility is not bad – all things considered).

The 41mm-wide 18k rose gold case is particularly beautiful because of the small details associated with it that serve as both the case and the plate for the movement components. The case has small screws that hold the parts together, and everything must be accessed by removing the top of the case (mainly the bezel and sapphire crystal). (I don’t want to be the repair guy for this watch.) It’s water resistant to 20 meters, which probably means you might want to take this watch off if you’re going to be submerging your wrist in water. The case comes with a matching dark blue alligator leather strap.

As a dress watch for everyday wear, the Piaget Altiplano has always been a handsome and provocative choice. The Altiplano Ultimate Automatic version combines practicality with a lot of mechanical charm and an ultra-thin fit. While Piaget focused on a more accessible price point for this watch because of the removal of the diamonds (for this style), the Swiss brand is still asking for a bit more than a Bulgari watch, but less than some ultra-thin watches Piaget usually sees itself as Products offered by competitors’ brands. In fact, with the growing number of ultra-thin best men watches on the market, those looking for one need to carefully consider style, price, and of course, practicality.