New Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24-Second Construction – Bold Shape from the Master of Minimalism

Greubel Forsey CEO Antonio Calce shares his vision for the future of construction

The Big is coming back in 2022! But for Greubel Forsey fake, it never went away, and for good reason. Sorry, I used the misunderstood term “maximalism” in the title. This time, though, I mean compliments of the highest order. Large case wrist statements don’t get any better than GF, even if they’re still out of reach for most of us. But dreams are free, right? And the new Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture will provide plenty of inspiration.

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey know one of the most important aspects of haute horology very close to my heart. That’s why their Hand Made 1 is the holy grail watch that I can never get my hands on. They know that intricate dial structures capture our hearts more than sparkling gems. In the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture, the incredible curves and rotating tourbillon help to do this.

Greubel Forsey 24-second tourbillon architecture
If there are any clichés in this story, like “unbelievable,” “great,” or “fascinating,” they’re there for good reason. However, you will never find a term like “everyday” in Greubel Forsey’s stories. I tasted some of the strongest Greubel Forsey references at the Geneva Watch Days last year and will be honest. I looked less like a serious writer than a teenage fan meeting their rock (or should it be K-pop?) idol backstage. The first word that comes to my mind is unexpected – comfortable. Despite their undeniably large size, Greubel Forsey watches are fantastic examples of ergonomic design. I have no doubt that this also applies to the 24-second tourbillon architecture.

A conversation with CEO Antonio Calce
I discussed what this design direction meant for the brand with Antonio Calce, CEO of Greubel Forsey, who told me: “The tourbillon 24-second architecture is a natural evolution that embodies the All the specifications of Greubel Forsey, for example, three-dimensional movement and exceptional hand-finishing. Every component embodies a concentration of architecture and creativity, such as the curved titanium bridge.”

For me as a watch journalist, the GF is the crown jewel of large-case horological construction. But when I asked Calce if he would be in the ultra-thin game, he replied: “When you look at our latest creations, you see an evolution on our side. Our timepieces are less obtrusive and more Thin, that’s what we’re working on.” So, without giving away any Greubel Forsey secrets, I’m honestly very excited about that.

evolutionary way forward
According to Calce, the way forward is incremental: “We will continue to focus on a very strong approach to watchmaking and exceptional quality, in order to perpetuate the emotions driven by our horological aesthetics, but also on an architectural level with volume and The depth of our capabilities.” I also asked Antonio Calce about the rationale behind the open case-side viewing window. Kars told me, “When you look through the left window of the tourbillon 24 seconds structure, you can see the small seconds hand fixed on a 360° side cylinder. This also allows us to appreciate the movement from the fixed The polished curved titanium bridge exposed on the main plate of the barrel. If you look at the opening at 6 o’clock, you can admire the 24-second tourbillon tilted at 25°, which is also held by the curved polished titanium bridge.” quality copy watches

strongest first impression
This time around, I’m glad I only have press photos to judge, especially since the new case design makes so much sense of its reason for being there in abundance. GF’s microarchitecture masquerading as timing removes most objectivity and objections to size. Yes, a watch with a small case is a comfortable existence. But the GF’s micro-urban caliber either doesn’t fit into anything smaller, or loses its massive visual depth. Do you prefer playing classic orchestras in small, dark clubs, or do you prefer the Sydney Opera House?

It is natural to have such doubts when looking at large-sized watches. Even in news footage, you have a tremendous sense of depth. While designing a perpetual calendar in a 10mm-thick skeletonized case is an achievement for other brands, the Tourbillon 24 Seconds architecture strives to perfect the function and aesthetics of each moving part, bridge and rhinestone. What makes a non-calendar watch more fascinating than a QP complication? This is art.

bridge of desire
As a vision for future Greubel Forsey creations, the skeletonized movement seems to split into individual machines. They work together “somehow” because the interconnected gear train remains hidden from view. The first thing that catches the eye is the wide spherical skeleton bridge, which holds the tourbillon and the signed barrel. They have a luster unmatched by polished titanium and exemplify sturdiness with their solid shapes. They are clearly juxtaposed with the intricate, fast-rotating 24-second tourbillon and the dark texture of the mainplate. A few tiny accents of red break up the monochrome metallic drama for a bold look. The design of the new movement continues the wide, flowing bridge design, and the barrel itself is more eye-catching than ever. nice fake watches

Unfathomable depth and observation window
I love the unobstructed view of the hand-finished clockwork architecture inside. This is aided by sapphire viewing windows on the side of the case and between the lugs, ensuring enjoyment from all angles. You can see that this is not a small watch by any standards. But the 47mm case back and 45.5mm bezel combine with the curvature to make it sleeker than you might think. In the center, we find a familiar tripod bridge holding a giant glowing skeletal hand. They point out that the hour index is small but unique and has good lumen fill for its size. But any Greubel Forsey creation is about the very essence of haute horlogerie, and the stage for a prima ballerina tourbillon. In this new movement, she is as captivating as ever, but just as compelling as the slow-turning barrel.

holy grail potential or bankruptcy
From the first flash of polished titanium, the authenticity of Greubel Forsey standards hits the mark. The individual components here take longer to complete and assemble than dozens of mid-range watches. This craftsmanship heralded the future of horology, even surpassing the 90-hour power reserve and the chronometric performance of the 25-degree tourbillon. Important collectors in the world today are aware of this fact. Because of this, GF tends to spare the Queen of Safety. Yes, a watch like this may be a complicated work of art, but it’s designed to be enjoyed on the wrist. I’d certainly love it, even if it involved custom shirt sleeves wide enough to slide over curved sapphires and 16.8mm thick. fake watches for sale