What a speed! New Urwerk 100-V LightSpeed Timer

Urwerk 100 Watch Replica UR-100V Lightspeed

LightSpeed showcases a new clock invention from Urwerk that shows how long it takes for the sun’s rays to travel to solar system objects

Today’s launch of Urwerk’s latest UR-100V LS (LightSpeed) watch is a sign of how far our research in modern physics and planetary science has come. In 1676, Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer was the first to discover that light travels at a finite speed, and British physician James Bradley later used the motion of stars to calculate reached the speed of light of 295,000 kilometers. It was not until 1983 that a group of scientists calculated that the speed of light in a vacuum, known as the universal constant “c”, is equivalent to 299,792.458 km/s (about 300,000 km/s; 186,000 mi/s; 671 million mph). Decades later, the Urwerk LightSpeed physically demonstrated the speed of light between eight planetary bodies by orbiting a miniature solar system on its black dial. With a “c” forming the core of LightSpeed, this watch is an ode to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, as well as to the Jedi Knights of Star Wars, Captains of Star Trek, and the Goa’uld of Stargate. Tactician and interval guild navigator in the dunes.

LightSpeed: A new addition to the UR-100V module
Urwerk is known for its futuristically designed timepieces heavily influenced by science-related themes, as evidenced by its oldest collection, the UR-100. Its UR-100V series features the iconic orbiting hour satellite (or wandering hour carousel) with a grin-shaped minute hand at its base. The main products of the UR-100V series are famous sci-fi themed watches, such as the sparkling diamond-encrusted UR-100V Stardust, the smooth sandblasted all-titanium wonder UR-100V Magic T, and the UR-100V Ultraviolet that attempts to capture the essence of purple luminous light. Joining the lineup is the UR-100V LS, which looks like a continuum from the UR-100 SpaceTime, which juxtaposes home time with three distance-based measurements: the number of kilometers we travel on Earth based on the average speed of the Earth’s rotation. its axis (555 kilometers every 20 minutes) and the distance the Earth orbits the Sun (35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes).

Measuring planetary distances using the speed of light
Urwerk LightSpeed, along with home time, shows the time it takes for the same solar rays to travel from the Sun to the various planets, which alternately indicate their positions on different orbital paths. As a “cue card”, the dial shows that the sun’s rays reach Mercury in 3.2 minutes, Venus – 6 minutes, Earth – 8.3 minutes, Mars – 12.6 minutes, Jupiter – 43.2 minutes, Saturn – 79.3 minutes, Uranus – 159.6 minutes and Neptune – 4.1 hours. A separate slow-moving hand, along with a red-tipped minute indicator, represents the speed at which light travels to all planets. “Light is our connection to the universe and represents the smallest unit of energy that can be transmitted. Its electromagnetic radiation is just within the range that our eyes can detect. This ability to visualize and interpret this information reconstructs our view of the world . Whether gazing at distant stars or peering through a microscope, light conveys important details and shapes our understanding of reality, constantly expanding our knowledge and understanding of the vast and complex universe around us,” Martin, co-founder and artistic director of Urwerk Frei spoke to the media.

Powering the UR-100V LightSpeed is the same iconic UR 12.02 movement as the rest of the UR-100V range, beating at 28,800vph and offering a power reserve of up to 48 hours. The self-winding in-house movement, visible through the case back, is equipped with a bidirectional black PVD-treated aluminum oscillating weight, regulated by a Windfänger air screw and planetary turbine automatic system to moderate the rotational speed limit and prevent it from rotating Loss of control: Wearing the watch during high-intensity activities can cause vibration. The movement is equipped with 40 jewels and chamfered screw heads, and its multiple surfaces are decorated with circular graining, sandblasting, shot peening and circular satin finishing techniques. popular swiss watch brands

Innovations in time and alien distance display are housed in a sturdy 43mm case made primarily from grade 5 titanium, finished with 54 layers of fine black carbon DLC coating, sandblasted and sandblasted finishes , a testament to superb watch craftsmanship. Matching red pointed minute hand and Arabic 60 minute markers, it comes on a red textured rubber strap with folding clasp.

Urwerk LightSpeed offers the opportunity to get lost in worlds, spaces and times beyond our limited understanding, offers the opportunity to see and quantify things unfathomable to the naked eye, proving that anything is possible, like shrinking the entire solar system to fit your needs . wrist.