U-Boat U-1942 Limited Edition: Giant Vintage Italian Diver

The limited edition U-Boat U-1942 watch is obviously based on a 1942 design that was never actually made and is a throwback to Italy’s past. It is said that the Italian Navy commissioned a special watch, but it never went into production. This U-1942 watch is directly based on that design – and it looks very sharp. The strangest part of the watch is of course the crown. It stretches out… maybe too far. It’s a little silly and phallic, to be honest. I mean it works, and it looks cool, but you know… let’s just say it looks like a periscope… Yeah, that’s it. However, the purpose of the crown is to have a functional purpose. The idea is to make it easier to use while wearing gloves. Ease of use means wrapping it and adjusting it. Not sure how easy it is to release the crown while in the locked position while wearing gloves, but it’s probably pretty simple. Also, I believe the crown can be adjusted and wound underwater…which should be nice.

The wholesale replica watches is huge! The dimensions are quite generous, with a grade 5 titanium case measuring 64.4mm wide and over 18mm thick. What a beast! At least it’s titanium and not too heavy. This takes large watches to the next level. The sweet-looking dive bezel rotates in both directions and has a special lever that locks it in place and prevents it from rotating. This design does have a lot of Ennebi in it, itself based on a vintage Italian look. So all in all, this is “very Italian” in appearance. The dark case is water-resistant to 400 meters and has a beautiful dial that shares the same design theme as Panerai watches. Interestingly, the watch hands are made of German silver (it doesn’t actually contain any silver).

Nothing brings out the traditional style of an Italian dive watch better than a thick dark brown cordovan leather strap with a large titanium buckle. The best luxury watches is equipped with the Swiss Unitas 6497 manual winding movement. This is a solid movement, and although the movement is very simple, there are some desirable touches. U-Boat and other brands really like this movement, but I’d like to see them mix it up with more variety. For serious collectors, the movement is not as exciting as the appearance of the watch. Still, buyers of this U-1942 watch will be proud of its cool design—and they are. I do like that the U-Boat always houses the cute little auxiliary seconds dial. They look kind of charming, don’t they? Of course, the dial is coated with luminous light, making it very clear and easy to read.