Jacob & Co’s Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal Watch Features Mini W16 Engine

Do you already have a Bugatti Chiron in your garage and want something to add to it? If so, look no further than Jacob and Co’s Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal high quality replica watches. This one-off watch features a working miniature W16 engine with 16 pistons that draw power from different power reserves. Simply turn it clockwise to wind the movement and counterclockwise to start the engine.

Taking approximately 1 year to complete, the sapphire crystal watch features a JCAM37 manual-winding movement with 578 hand-decorated, hand-assembled parts. It features 51 jewels, all visible through the transparent case painted a stunning deep blue, and also includes Jacob & Co.’s first tilted tourbillon, which is angled at 30° and partially visible through the case.

As an interpretation of the Bugatti logo, the watch is naturally faithful to the company’s design DNA and conveys its emotions. In addition to the flying tourbillon with the Jacob & Co. logo, the engine compartment is decorated with Bugatti’s delicate “EB” logo, and the 16 pistons on the “crankshaft” are all ready and waiting. The window of the tourbillon is based on the iconic horseshoe grille of Bugatti super sports cars,” said Bugatti. high quality watches replica