Grand Seiko

The concept Seiko designed for Grand Seiko is to create an “ideal watch”, which means “no less than the best luxury watch in the world.” For the company, this means that Grand Seiko should have its own unique style that will arouse the high-end market Vibes. Specifically, Seiko hopes that Seiko’s style is suitable for both casual and formal wear. In 1960, the company’s Suwa Seikosha department created the first Grand Seiko watch, which was focused on quality mechanisms. It was not until the release of the 44GS movement in 1967 that designer Taka Tanaka’s “Grand Seiko Style” defined the style of the series and all future Seiko products.

The Seiko series is also highly rated for its superb craftsmanship, especially the traditional method of making watches. Each Grand Seiko watch is hand polished using “Zaratsu” technology. Japanese watchmakers use this traditional polishing method to make watches that have a mirror finish and are not deformed.

Limited release classics
The 1967 44GS movement (or “design grammar”) is so iconic that Seiko released a limited edition best replica watch site based on Seiko in 2013, namely Seiko 44GS. The reproduction or remake is powered by a manual 9S64 movement that is very similar to the original. [3] There are two variants of the limited edition model, one is the same as the original model (700 units of stainless steel), and the other is available in white gold, gold, and rose gold (70 units each).

The 62GS Seiko Grand History Collection is another classic revival. The series includes four limited editions: producing 600 units of stainless steel, and three gold pie (gold, rose gold and white gold), each with 100 units.

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The original Grand Seiko 3180 is a replica, model SBGW033, and has produced 1,300 units.

Although “Grand Seiko” is the name of the entire series, it can also refer to the original Cal. When it comes to specific changes within the range, it is the 3180 model.

No. 1 Seiko

From left to right: Seiko’s first GS 3180; calibrated 3180 movement; early GS with engraved characters on the dial; GS 3180 back cover with lion logo

The 3180 model is based on the “Crown” movement, which was hand-wound with 25 functional jewels at a speed of 18,000 bph. It is the first precision astronomical clock produced in Japan and is based on Seiko’s internal standards and certification. Therefore, the dial has the “Chronometer” (astronomical clock) label and the back cover has the lion logo. The model is J14070.

The initial accuracy of the 3180 model and the first Seiko standard (-3 to +12 seconds/day) was the standard accuracy of the Basel Observatory’s timer at the time, when it was changed to -1 to +10 seconds/day, 1961, the first The standard of the two major Seiko aaa swiss movement replica watches was changed to a slightly different 11-second range (-3 to +8 seconds/day).

Most cases are made of 18k gold plated (80 microns), although platinum cases are also produced. There are few stainless steel cases with a lion symbol on the back of the case, but below the astronomical clock. It has a snap-on back cover and is not waterproof. The crown of this model is rough knurled.

This is the relatively rare first 3180 watch with a carved dial.