Stunning Tudor Black Bay

Whether you are a professional watch manufacturer or a casual watch fan, you may be familiar with a special watch style; diving watches. Specifically, since the dive watch models released in the 1950s and 1960s, it has become a mainstream main column on people’s wrists because it can be recognized even by laymen who know nothing about it.

You may now imagine a simple but tasteful dial, a rotatable bezel and a sturdy case that can withstand all kinds of elements. Everlasting. They have been copied and adjusted numerous times, as long as people remain obsessed with the unique and unmistakable style of this watch, this practice will continue.

Enter the Tudor Black Bay58 launched in 2018. The brand’s Heritage Black Bay series of watches has achieved great success since its establishment in 2012. It all started with a unique model, but has since expanded into a series of beautiful models. Tudor Black Bay and 58 models are no exception.

There is a unique mix of elements in Tudor Black Bay 58. Obviously, it was cut from most of the same fabric as its predecessor in the mid-20th century. However, this watch can not only achieve all these purposes, but also will not try to be one of them, but create its own appearance.

Tudor Black Bay 58 combines old and new features, the effect is very good. You will automatically recognize the beauty of the dial and bezel because they are similar to the Tudor dynasty in the 1950s. However, it is manufactured in modern fashion, including a new movement, which distinguishes the watch from the old model. Both old and new things are packed in an amazing bag.

In 1954, Tudor set foot in the diving field and released the “Tudor Prince Oyster Submariner” (ref: 7922). This happened shortly after Tudor’s parent company Rolex launched the new Submariner (ref: 6204). Obviously, these two brands are related. There are no dates on the dial and no guards on the crown. They share similar bezels. These style points will become the standard in the field of diving watches. Tudor 7922 and Rolex 6204 played an important role.

Fast forward to 2012, when the Tudor dynasty released the magnificent Heritage Black Bay at the Baselworld. It represents the difference from the specification, although it has been actively recognized and broadened the horizon of the diving watch.

You can say that BB is a mix of several different historical watches. The dial is the same as the aforementioned 1954 model. The crown is very large, derived from some other diving watches in the 50s and 60s. Then, we get pointers, which are similar to the military watches released in the 1970s. Finally, you can’t mistake those red Tudor highlights. All in all, Black Bay picked out some successful elements from the old models and then combined them to create something truly original.

Black Bay has created a new road in the watch industry. Although it pays tribute to many other successful models, the Tudor watch timepieces have created an unmistakable flavor. Black Bay is Black Bay, you don’t even have to think about it. You can view any version released since the first version in 2012.

The same is true of Tuo Heiwan 58 Hotel. Once again, it takes a little bit of old stuff and blends it with some modern features and mechanisms, just like Black Bay would not. Let’s study Tudor’s latest Black Bay creations more closely.

Tudor Black Bay 58
When the world first glanced at the 2018 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, Tudor Dynasty No. 58 Black Bay became a hot topic. This is not surprising, because the Tudor dynasty’s means of making a living have been constantly broken through and new methods of wrist decoration have been explored. With the 58 series and its new GMT released in 2018, they once again merge old and new together to create something dazzling.

BB58 has a new movement and shape. This brand has always known the boundary between overhauling the design of a new watch and not being bold enough. You know this is a black bay, but they have made enough adjustments to make you realize that it is not the old black bay.

Tudor BLACK BAY FIFTY-EIGHT M79030B-0001 Replica Watch

The size is the most obvious difference between this model and the previous model. Tudor Black Bay 58 Hotel is a little smaller than the brothers in Black Bay. Its shell size is 39 mm and its thickness is less than 12 mm (11.9). Usually, these watches have a width of 41 mm and a thickness of 14.9 mm. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you hold it and wear it, you will immediately notice the difference. At least in some cases, older models are not suitable for daily use. This more compact version alleviates these problems.

In terms of size, this watch is almost the same as Tudor Sub. Similarly, neither watch has any crown. In fact, many people like this classic simplicity, so BB58 captures a vintage halo that is often elusive here. In addition, the side of the watch has a thicker bevel to make it appear clearer and more eye-catching. Rolex used these types of bevels on its Subs and GMT, but since they added maxi-case they have abandoned this approach. Tudor Black Bay 58 provides an echo that many people will like.

You can buy this cheap watches for sale on a fabric or leather strap as needed. There are some benefits to buying its original bracelet, but, after all, it is a diving watch. Tudor created this bracelet, which has a sturdy link and cap on the side, further adding to the classic look. If you want, you can wear it on fabric or leather, and it still looks clear. But if you do this, it may leave some charm on the table.

Another benefit of buying Tudor Black Bay 58 on its original bracelet is that, with the appropriate screwdriver, you can adjust the size yourself. It is very easy to simply delete a few links, which can save you an expensive journey so that it can receive professional services. Watch manufacturers do not always pay attention to these small customer-centric details, but Tudor is not one of them. However, one thing to note is that there are only three holes on the buckle for fine adjustment. Five is the most ideal, and if Tudor wants to invest in the installation of two additional holes, this will not damage the funds. Just a small complaint.

One way to solve this problem is to explore other options, such as rubber. Rubber B provides a buckle and cuff option for BB58, which is 100% Swiss made from the highest grade soft rubber. Rubber B’s products have a variety of colors, so it can make wearing more comfortable and provide some interesting style choices for the wearer.wholesale watches

Tudor BLACK BAY FIFTY-EIGHT M79030B-0001 Replica Watch

Brand :Tudor

Model :M79030B-0001


Case material :Stainless steel

Movement :Self winding

Gender :Men

Case size :39 mm

Crystal :Sapphire

Dial colour :Blue

FUNCTIONS :Hours,Minutes,Seconds

The case shape :Round

Bracelet material :Stainless steel

Water resistance :200 m

Year :2020

Power Reserve :70 hours