What sets Bremont watches apart from other pilot watches?

Bremont was founded in 2002 by the brothers Nick and Giles English. Bremont is a British watchmaking company that combines a love of flying with a passion for precision watches. Recognized as a leader in the watch industry, Bremont fake watches are known for their accuracy and durability, and have proven to be the first choice for many people in the aviation industry.

What sets Bremont watches apart from other pilot watches?

There are some cute pilot watches on the market. I think the main factor that distinguishes Bremont from other brands in the field is our true passion and understanding of the aviation industry. We firmly believe that if the form is correct, the function will follow-like many iconic airplanes in the past, we are not only beautiful but also very effective. Bremont has nothing to do with fashion or the latest trends, but with beautifully crafted British timepieces, which will pass the test of time. Bremont (Bremont) is inspired by superb engineering technology, which can be clearly seen in the watches produced by our factory in the UK, as well as the watches of aviation partners such as Boeing and the pioneer of ejection seat Martin-Baker.

Why do people who have a passion for watches often have a passion for airplanes, and vice versa? How do these two passions overlap?

The common driving force here is a true appreciation of the beautifully designed and manufactured machinery. There is a common theme here that is valuable in designing and manufacturing long-lasting beautiful machines. In theory, an aircraft and a properly maintained aircraft should be able to be used for a hundred years-the aircraft we are flying has 85 years of history (!). The same is true for the manufacture of sophisticated mechanical astronomical clocks-if it is regularly repaired, it will last for several years.


Watches have always played a pivotal role in pilot navigation and aircraft operations. Until 20 years ago, you could use maps, compasses and reliable mechanical watches to navigate the air. Time and flight are always inseparable.

The reason behind the name “Bremont” is a good story.

On the dial of a British watch brand, the words “English” are engraved on the dial, which is not only difficult to mark but also obvious. We also don’t want to revive past brands. Bremont is new and has its own value.

As it happens, an accident happened about a year after my accident with my father in 1995. Giles and I returned to the air and flew over France in an old German biplane. The bad weather forced us to make an emergency landing. We landed in a field owned by an old farmer in northern France. For example, if you have a preventive landing in the United Kingdom or the United States, you know you can apologize to the farmer for a bottle of whiskey, but in France, this is bureaucratic and involves a lot of paperwork!

Fortunately for us this time, the farmer helped us. We pushed the plane into his barn and stayed with him for a few days when the weather was fine. His enthusiasm for life not only reminded us of our own father, but he was also a wartime pilot. He was as passionate about aircraft and machinery as Giles and me. He chose many beautiful wall clocks and wore a special watch-the watch his father gave him.

His name is Antoine Bremont.

Bremont replica (Bremont) makes interested squadrons a unique watch. Why is Bremont’s decision to establish a relationship with the military important?

As a pilot watch brand, our close cooperation with the military makes us very proud, but by the way, it is organic. After collaborating with Martin-Baker, a British manufacturer of pop-up seats, various military squadrons from all over the world turned to us for help, and they hoped that this watch would withstand the extreme conditions it would withstand. We develop customized watches to reflect the personal identity of these squadrons and reflect our own core values. Now, our military project work has become an important part of our business and continues to grow.


Consolidate the long-term cooperation relationship with Jaguar Automobile. What makes the Jaguar brand an excellent partner for Bremont?

In fact, we first cooperated with Jaguar when we launched the Jaguar C-X75 in 2010, for which we developed a unique analog dashboard clock. Jaguar is not only one of the world’s top luxury car manufacturers, but also a great British brand with a long history and beautiful engineering cars produced with an incredible racing tradition, so we are honored to work with them.

Bremont has recently received a lot of exposure due to its participation in the recent Kingsman. How did this partnership come about, and what made you decide that this movie is very suitable for Bremont fake brand name watches?

In fact, director Mathew Vaughn approached us because he was passionate about using the British brand to make this thorough British spy movie. Matthew is proud to be patriotic. He thinks Bremont is very suitable. He also likes our connection with military and police forces around the world, so the connection is very close. The intern spy in the film wore a DLC model based on our ALT1-B. Once they graduated from Agent Kingsman, they wore the rose gold world timer chronograph, and Merlin (Mark Strong) who trained these agents (Played) wearing a stainless steel world timer model. . Kingsman (Kingsman) is to become a gentleman, and our watches are made for modern gentlemen. We really don’t know what reaction we will see in the movie, but we think this is a wonderful opportunity, and it is indeed an honor to work with Matthew Vaughn.

Bremont Kingsman DLC BKM-DLC Replica Watch

Does the Bremont watch mean more to you than others? What’s so special about this watch?

You love every watch you make, whether Bremont is the design itself or attached to the expression, it has an important meaning behind it. Everyone has a personal connection with Giles and me, especially the first watch we created. We all wear them for self-testing, which is very special for us. Our latest limited edition Wright Flyer may be more than anything else on my wrist at this moment. In fact, it contains the original plain weave of 1903 Wright Flyer, which is unforgettable and contains a new movement that we have developed in part. . Works designed in the UK are really amazing. It’s incredible that you wear an important part of history on your wrist. Our first prototype in history has a lot of room in our hearts!

What is your favorite part of Baselworld? Do you have any exciting plans while in Basel?

Basel is always a great opportunity to gather retailers and media from all over the world. It’s always very busy, but it’s a great time to reconnect with everyone, share our latest news and present the new watch of the year. We look forward to launching new replica watch websites there.