Urwerk UR-210 RG watch review

Most versions of UR-210 are made of steel, which makes this red-gold model look very strange. Although Urwerk precious metal watches are by no means new, the prominent precious metal case Urwerk watches are second only to practical metals such as steel and titanium. It is actually just about the theme and focus of the brand, not the old-fashioned luxury goods, but the futuristic meeting mechanism.

Although I am not personally interested in Urwerk timepieces, I often say that the UR-210 is one of the best options for me to choose a watch from a brand. This is mainly due to the shape, complexity and time display of the case. The symmetrical case is attractive and comfortable to wear, while complexity is practical in most cases. A little discussion.

Visually speaking, UR-210 has its own characteristics in various models of Urwerk, but it also has a distinctive appearance. I think Urwerk correctly considered the ratio of length to width, and the overall design of the case. The case on the wrist is 43.8 mm wide and 17.8 mm thick. The more important dimension is the length of the case, in this case 53.6mm. When determining whether it fits your wrist, this is the measurement you care about most.

Urwerk provided a shorter strap for my smaller wrist, which I appreciate. Considering the thickness of each part of the black crocodile leather strap, I encourage anyone interested in this watch to double check to ensure that the supplied strap is effective for their wrists. Otherwise, the wearing experience may not be so comfortable. The reason I mentioned comfort is because I think it is worth mentioning that the case shape is not the standard round shape of traditional lugs. Here, the lugs are placed down towards the bottom of the case, below the main case. From an ergonomic point of view, this helps keep the watch front.

The details of the shell are good, the angles and lines are mixed together, which is interesting from most angles. Most of the case is brushed 18k gold, and the case and crown components are made of matte black titanium alloy. The crown itself is located at the 12 o’clock position on the case. Fortunately, the crown is large and easy to wind, while the watch is still being worn. Although as an automatic watch, you don’t need to wind it all the time.

Compared with the gold-red part of the case, the black titanium case actually has more visual details, including the movement’s small sapphire crystal window and a round finger-operated switch that adjusts how the automatic winding system works.discount replica watches

The latter function is not unique to the UR-210, but not all Urwerk timepieces. It is part of the “Turbo Control” system of the internally manufactured UR-7.10 movement and has three settings. Urwerk calls this system a “winding efficiency selector”, the purpose of which is to make the automatic rotor (not visible) rotate more slowly due to the increased friction that I think, or to prevent the automatic rotor from winding completely-thus eliminating the automatic winding of the watch. The ability of the chain.

Why should you change the way your watch is wound? Theoretically, it can prevent the movement from being damaged during vibration. Recently, the Ball watch introduced a similar complex function called “Amortiser”, which also uses a switch on the back of the watch to prevent the rotor from rotating. The practicality of this complex function is limited, but under the right circumstances, it can prevent damage to the fragile mechanical movement in the watch.

The biggest problem with being able to manually stop the self-winding movement is that you need to think beforehand when the watch may be subject to vibration. For example, if you accidentally dropped the watch and the rotor is blocked, the watch will not be damaged by the movement… you must anticipate this before putting the watch down in order to set the winding system to the correct mode . Obviously, this complexity has nothing to do with preventing accidents.

Conversely, when you expect the watch to be impacted, Urwerk imagines a relatively niche situation, but you cannot force yourself not to wear the watch at all. If you plan to play tennis or golf and want to prevent this impact, but still want to wear Urwerk, then this is a good example of when the rotor is completely blocked. Are you riding a mountain bike or a roller coaster? These conditions may reduce the winding efficiency of the movement. Although I’m not saying that this complexity is mainly for novelty, I just didn’t put myself in the “F you world” position, hoping to do something harmful to mechanical watches, but stubbornly decided that I need to ignore logic No matter what, you should wear a watch worth $150,000 on your wrist.

It can be said that in the time when I was supposed to be very happy, when I watched this watch, I was never forced to change the winding efficiency of the movement. Again, I am really happy to have the opportunity to explain what a winding efficiency selector is, and I can tell people that it is impressive. If you measure the value of luxury timepieces by the ability to impress others, then you will definitely want a watch with a winding efficiency selector (because you never know what type of 007 you might need in this case).

Usage is equally obscure, but for us, what mortals are related to is another interesting complication of the UR-210, namely Urwerk, which is visible on the dial side of the dial, is called the clockwork efficiency indicator. Interestingly, the winding efficiency indicator and the winding efficiency selector may contradict each other because one can reduce or stop the winding efficiency, while the other can indicate whether you have not wound the watch effectively enough.

In theory, any mechanical movement should have a “best” amount of winding to avoid “excessive winding”, and because the mainspring has been fully tightened to maintain the best accuracy. Urwerk came up with an idea that can help you maintain a precise watch. The Urwerk EMC series contains the most advanced implementation of this concept. The series was originally launched one year after the UR-210 was launched. EMC includes an electronic rate result tool that can be activated to determine the current accuracy of its internal mechanical movement. Then, the user can turn the small screw on the back of the case to adjust the fine adjustment of the adjustment system-in theory, this allows you to make the watch more precise.

Returning to UR-210, the winding efficiency indicator dial is located on the upper left of the dial, adjacent to the power reserve indicator located on the upper right of the dial. The idea is that if the indicator hand is in the red zone, the movement will not be fully tightened, and if it is wound slowly (or continues to be insufficient), the movement will eventually run out of power. If the indicator is not in the red area, then I understand that the automatic winding is enough to keep the movement running. Intellectually, this is a very interesting concept, but for those who know the device well and have the time (and desire) to pay attention to it, it may be the best choice. My understanding is that as a person’s income increases, their free time will decrease. Given that this is obviously a “premium” product, I am not sure if I have met too many people with income, cannot get such a watch, and do not have enough energy to pay attention to the current clockwork efficiency. For the rest of my thoughts in this regard, please refer to the above, where I discuss how storytelling and impressive abilities increase the value of wholesale watches.

My main concern with any timepiece is not “side complications”, but how it indicates time. One of my biggest appreciations for Urwerk’s regular use of the “Satellite Time Indication System” is its readability and practicality. I can’t represent everyone, but I can say that I find it convenient and comfortable to read the time along the minute scale with a “roaming” hour/minute hand. Psychologically, your eyes will first see the hour (number) and then read the minute at the same position. This means that in many cases, the time I need to read the time is shorter than the standard two- or three-pin analog dial.

Not all Urwerk satellite time indications are exactly the same. In my opinion, the special flavor of the UR-7.10 movement of the UR-210 is the coolest. The black (for this model) hour hand is actually a retrograde hand, while the internal three-arm system rotates clockwise. Each of the three arms has a cube with a four-hour mark. As the system turns, these cubes will flip to show the next number in the series. It’s cool to watch and play. Even better is the ability to set the time in the positive direction and the ability to set the hours and the time in this way. I believe that in some early Urwerk watches, you can only set the time.

It is a pleasure to be able to easily observe the entire satellite time indicating system and the accompanying components on the UR-210 dial. The precise nature of the parts and the elegant and modern design are part of Urwerk’s outstanding luxury. For people who like to live now, these are indeed mechanical miracles. Of course, there are many synergies between traditional watchmaking and Geneva-based Urwerk, but a key factor in the brand’s charm is that their view of following trends or considering other trends is almost isolationist. Felix and Martin, who run the brand, should not only be applauded for making amazing timepieces, but also completely different from the same price goods or any other kind of watches.

The UR-7.10 automatic movement operates at 4 Hz and has a power reserve of 39 hours. This is slightly less than the ideal power reserve. This is just a reflection of the weight of the parts and the accompanying friction in the movement. Compared with most traditional mechanical movements, it requires more power to work properly. Most of the visible elements of the movement are made of aluminum and titanium. The hour and minute markers painted with Super-LumiNova are also welcome on the dial, assuming they are fully charged under proper light, and they have excellent visibility in the dark.

Urwerk’s real regret is that, given the price, more people cannot own such a watch. Small independent watchmakers like Urwerk rely on compassionate donors who have disposable income and product value added to maintain the vitality of this mechanical art. Therefore, I will not be annoyed that I can’t go out and buy UR-210 immediately, but I am happy with enough people. Such watches from brands such as Urwerk enable the dream of “super watches” to be realized, and for many people, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and others can enjoy it from a distance.