Grand Seiko Elegance series brings new ultra-thin case and GS movement

Today’s big news from Japan: The new Grand Seiko Elegance Collection brings a new slim case, some very special dials, and the new Grand Seiko Calibre 9S63 manual winding mechanical movement. (However, Seiko’s recent pricing anomalies seem to be sustainable.)

It was indeed refreshing to see Grand Seiko’s new collection-obviously, until BaselWorld, they could not remain excited. Currently, the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection contains four models: two 18ct rose gold cases (reference number SBGK002; red SBGK004), one 18ct gold case (reference number SBGK006) and a stainless steel model (reference number. SBGK005 — yes! ).

Eight years after Grand Seiko’s last manual winding mechanical movement, all four Elegance Collection watches are equipped with the same new 9S63 movement, which runs at 4 Hertz, but still provides a 72-hour power reserve. This seems to be the new benchmark feature of all the previous-generation movements recently introduced, which is a good thing. On one side of the dial, the movement displays central hours and minutes, seconds at 9 o’clock, and power reserve at 3 locations. The offset power reserve seen on Spring Drive Grand Seikos has passed, such as the beloved SBGC001 Spring Drive chronograph, comment here. replica watches price

Grand Seiko said that the accuracy of 9S63 is between -3 and +5 seconds per day. If all major Japanese brands must be commended, this is their honest and pragmatic attitude towards accuracy requirements-familiar with Switzerland ( Even some German manufacturers say differently. Grand Seiko sometimes tends to distinguish between gold and stainless steel style movements, in this case (pun intended), all four models will be equipped with Grand Seiko 9S63 movement, which has bluish screws, This is obviously Grand Seiko’s first model. If you ask me, it’s great.

If the tempered screws are sweet, the dial is breathtaking: both 18-ct rose gold versions (reference numbers SBGK002 and SBGK004) have Urushi dials. These traditional Japanese lacquered dials are produced by the Shi stone watch factory, which produces all mechanical precision watches. These Japanese lacquer dials are made from the juice of trees growing around the town on the north side of the factory. The translucent brown and black Urushi dial is equipped with taka-maki-e layered markings and “GS” letters. Maki-e literally means “scattered pictures”, while taka-maki-e is a “raised” or layered variant.

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The technology developed in the Muromachi period (1336-1573) means that the required patterns are made of countless materials built on the foundation Urushi lacquer dial. For the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection Urushi dial, sprinkling multiple layers of pure gold or platinum powder on the dial at once (guessing what?) is a “time-consuming process”. It reminds me of the PVD-coated platinum numbers in the ceramic bezels of certain Rolex watches-although Rolex solutions are cutting-edge high-tech, the Seiko method is a heart-wrenching tradition.Free shopping cheap watches

If you have never had a chance to hold Grand Seiko before, their hands are beautiful, you can eat your heart warmly, and at least on the official images, each dial pair looks perfect Play a role. As cool as the Urushi dial, I’m still very strangely attracted by the 18ct gold version and the pure white dial-this is an endorsement of the unique and distinctive Japanese design of the Elegance Collection, at least for me, it seems to be in this golden yellow style Stand out from the crowd.

In this regard, I am very grateful to Grand Seiko how to incorporate its beloved case design elements into this 39mm wide and 11.6mm thick “mechanical thin dress series” watch, because yes, Grand Seiko is so Seiko refers to It is this new timepiece series. The upper surface of the sturdy and curved lugs is wider, but the cut is significantly shorter, which can maintain a good distance between the case and the upper and lower edges of the wrist. This is a must for any decent formal watch. The width of the lugs seems to be very narrow, but I think they have pulled them out somehow, and this is just a weird choice, and it does not look strange or small. I dared to stare at it 18mm boldly; GS does not provide this specification for the time being, but the width of the lug is really narrow,

Closed or open, depending on how you watch it, this new elegant series of four watches is stainless steel (reference number SBGK005), the shape and size of the case is exactly the same as the gold model, but with a blue textured dial. The texture GS is called “mountain”. “Iwate” mode; the watch studio is located in Morioka City, northeast of Iwate Prefecture. I am not sure how closely this fold texture is related to Iwate Mountain, I am not sure, but this is a recurring theme in selected Grand Seiko models.

The pricing structure of Grand Seiko Elegance Collection is biased. As one would expect, these two rose gold models with Urushi dials will be more expensive than the gold models with regular painted dials without the taka-maki-e index and GS logo. Fans of Seiko and Grand Seiko may remember the Presage Automatic we introduced here, where you can buy a colorful Urushi dial and an entire watch with a case, movement, strap, etc. for only 2500 Euros .

At least for me, this makes the rose gold product’s premium of 10,700 euros higher than the gold version very difficult to understand-and the casket of the late Grand Seiko smart pricing strategy. Rose gold will prove some premium in golden yellow, but the cost of the entire timepiece with a dial similar to four times is meaningless. I admit that apart from Grand Seiko’s products, I have not learned that this reasonable premium is reasonable greed. The random price generator software works hard again. Rose gold limited, which once again proves the rationality of the price increase on non-limited yellow gold pieces.

The prices of the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection series are as follows: 18ct rose gold Grand Seiko Elegance Collection series (reference number SBGK002; reference number SBGK004) equipped with Urushi dial; 18ct yellow gold (ref. SBGK006); stainless steel elegant series (reference number SBGK005).