U-Boat Classico watch

The U-Boat Classico watch is the most iconic model, representing the authentic, timeless design concept of Italo Fontana, and will never fade like normal fashion. These amazing tools continue to have unique left crown positions and unique U-Boat crown protection devices, but the dial provides a more classic-looking dial design than U-Boat Chimera.

The U-shaped submarine classic watch series has recently ushered in the so-called Classico Sommerso with the newly added U-shaped submarine which represents its own dedicated passion for diving Italo Fontana. Although most U-Boat watches have been designed to withstand the strict requirements of deep sea diving, Classico Sommerso still uses a new striking bezel (60-minute scale) and one-way steering function to provide ultimate help underwater.

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U-Boat U-42 ​​watch
The U-shaped submarine U-42 ​​watch series has some of the most unique and bold works of the brand. U-Boat U-42 ​​Unicum was designed by Italo Fontana himself and made of lightweight titanium with IP black coating, which is one of its most striking designs. This bold musical instrument is completely handmade and processed by Italian craftsmen to ensure that each limited edition product is one of them, and the skull decorated on the naturally old bronze dial deliberately shows the brand’s rebellious nature.

For a more classic aesthetic effect, the U-Boat U-42 ​​GMT watch displays a clean dial with excellent functions, including hours, minutes, seconds, 24-hour hand, third time zone and date window. The unidirectional rotating bezel is almost not to be missed, its titanium alloy structure, lockable lever and 12 o’clock ball-shaped hands made of scratch-resistant ceramic. This timer is perfect for continents who want to make a statement.

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U-BOAT CLASSICO 45 BRONZO CA BR 8063 Replica Watch

U-Boat Capsoil watch
The U-Boat Capsoil watch is another completely unique design that goes beyond traditional watchmaking. Its Swiss mechanical movement is completely immersed in low-viscosity lubricants. This liquid not only flows throughout the movement, but also flows into the dial, forming an absolute black paint and constantly moving compensation bubbles, which deform the bubbles and magnify the sight of the hands.

The U-shaped submarine Capsoil is truly unique and must be witnessed to believe it. There are currently four main models in this series: two standard three-handed models, one for stainless steel and the other for titanium. The other two show excellent chronograph functions, with layouts at 12, 3 and 6 o’clock, and stainless steel or titanium cases are also available.

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U-Boat 1939 Doppiotempo watch
The U-Boat 1939 Doppiotempo watch is new in 2019. This wonderful model commemorates many watches designed by Italo Fontana commissioned by Italian and international special forces, including Carabinieri’s GIS (Special Intervention Group). Where do you buy high quality replica watches?

The 1939 Doppiotempo watch of the U-shaped ship was mainly inspired by the model created by the historic 9th Paratrooper Commando “Yamaguchi Moschin”. It has a limited edition of 200 pieces. Its Swiss-made self-winding movement, 43 mm satin steel case and two pullable crowns on the left, changing the time and date have caused a sensation.

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U-Boat precious watch
U-Boat Precious watches are some of the most luxurious and unique watches in the U-Boat series. Its rich precious stones are for your choice, including white diamonds, black diamonds, rubies and sapphires. These breathtaking gems are hand-made by talented Italian craftsmen in the U-shaped boat workshop in Tuscany.

Our favorite U-Boat Precious watch must be the spectacular Black Swan model, which is made of 18 carat gold and decorated with 11,000 black diamonds. Some diamonds on the bottom side of the case are even tilted backwards to present a spiky and rebellious appearance. The U-Boat Precious watch series is only suitable for the most attractive men and women.

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