Seiko’s first 9F quartz GMT movement

Grand Seiko Sport GMT SLGA001 Replica Watch

When the 9F movement was created in 1993, the goal was simple but ambitious. As the quartz movement of Grand Seiko, it should set new standards for durability and precision, and should fully embody all the aesthetics of Grand Seiko. To this end, it is necessary to innovate in all aspects of movement design. The backlash automatic adjustment mechanism eliminates the trembling of the second hand, the date changes in the blink of an eye, and the dual-pulse control system allows the minute and second hands to extend straight to the edge of the dial, and ensures high precision through the use of aged and individually selected quartz crystals. With these unique characteristics, Caliber 9F can be said to be the highest performing quartz watch in the world.

Today, we will see the release of the first Grand Seiko 9F quartz GMT movement. It is the ideal caliber for international travelers. The 9F86 movement is based on the original 9F and has all its precision and durability attributes, but incorporates the GMT function to maintain the accuracy of the watch when the hour hand is adjusted independently. This is achieved through new components created specifically for this movement.

Despite the addition of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) hands, the depth of the case has only increased a little, thanks to the newly designed main board, the redesign of the gearbox and the way the hands are fixed, which is a manual process. Like other pointers, the GMT pointer is also mounted on a separate shaft to ensure its smooth operation. Calibre 9F86 is issued in a limited edition in the Grand Seiko Sport series, with the other two permanent movements.

In terms of performance and design, this new limited edition is the perfect embodiment of the values ​​and high standards that 9F has always represented. The metal charcoal dial has a unique pattern and is based on the traditional quartz symbol to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 9F movement. It also has a five-pointed star, symbolizing Seiko’s special level of precision. At the 25-minute position, the dial style is slightly different. The symbols 9F and 25 are carefully displayed to permanently remind the movement’s anniversary. The outer edge of the dial from three o’clock to nine o’clock is picked out in bright yellow to show whether the GMT pointer indicates AM or PM.

In addition to the limited edition, two other new products incorporating the 9F86 movement will be released. They add new colors to the Grand Seiko Sport Collection and share its unique but powerful design.

The dial has a three-dimensional appearance with a two-tone ring, which can immediately and easily read the AM or PM time indicated by the GMT pointer. Likewise, the use of Lumibrite on the hour markers, hour, minute and Greenwich Mean Time hands can improve the readability of international travelers.

Caliber 9F86
Accuracy: ±5 seconds per year (at a temperature between 5°C and 35°C) (SBGN001)
±10 seconds per year (at a temperature between 5°C and 35°C) (SBGN003 / 005)
Real-time date change
High torque stepper motor
Protective cover structure
GMT function / independent hour hand adjustment function
Stainless steel case and bracelet
High definition hyperboloid sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Diameter: 39.0 mm Thickness: 12.1 mm
Water resistance: 10 bar
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A / m
SBGN001, (SBGN003 / 005)
Caliber 9F 25th Anniversary Limited Edition (SBGN001)

Grand Seiko launched four special limited editions to celebrate its 60th anniversary

In the late 1950s, a small team of Seiko’s best watchmakers worked together to achieve a very simple but ambitious goal. This is to create the best watch they can offer, with the highest accuracy, legibility, durability and ease of use. In December 1960, their first idea was born. In order to meet the team’s ambition and the desire to create a watch “king”, it was named Grand Seiko. Its accuracy is equivalent to the superior level of the recognized astronomical watch standard at the time, marking the first step in sixty years towards the pinnacle of watchmaking art.

2020 marks the 60th anniversary of this achievement. Of course, the number 60 is one of the most basic numbers in horology, but in Japan, it has another meaning as a moment of new energy and rebirth. Today, in order to celebrate the entire year of celebration of this important landmark, four new timepieces were released, which not only celebrate the achievements of the previous 60 years, but also point the way to the next 60-year cycle of Seiko’s life. All four new products use Grand Seiko’s iconic blue dial, but each dial represents a very different aspect of the extensive expertise and craftsmanship Grand Seiko has today.

Classic Seiko

The sixtieth anniversary celebration started with two automatic watches, which are undoubtedly a model of precision. The men’s watch pays tribute to the famous 44GS in 1967. Its design is the first expression of the unique Japanese Grand Seiko Style and has been its visual icon ever since. It has a high-beat caliber 9S85 movement, an accuracy of +5 to -3 seconds per day, and a power reserve of 55 hours. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of its founding, the logo of Grand Seiko is gold and the second hand is bright red. Together, these colors symbolize all the new energy brought by sunrise and new dawn.

The ladies’ automatic watch is powered by the 9S27 movement, which is an automatic movement designed for Seiko’s ladies series. It achieves a perfect balance between accuracy (+8 to -3 seconds per day), power reserve (50 hours) and slimness. It has a mother-of-pearl dial, of course, a large Seiko blue, with diamonds as hour markers, and 45 diamonds on the bezel. After all, this is a diamond anniversary.

New and end-user friendly quartz movement

The new quartz movement also celebrated its 60th anniversary. The 9F85 movement has a time difference adjustment function, which can adjust the hour hand without stopping the second hand, thereby maintaining its high precision when the wearer changes the time zone. This new movement made its debut in two 60th anniversary designs. First, there is a version of the caliber 9F85 specifically adjusted to an accuracy of ±5 seconds per year. The five-pointed star at six o’clock marks this high precision. The dial also has a unique marking of the 2020 pattern to remind the wearer of this special year. The case design is modern. Its bezel is very thin, making the dial wider and therefore clearer. The side of the case has a sharp curve, which allows more light to be reflected and adds “brilliance” to the important part of the Seiko style. The second hand of this timepiece is also bright red.

The Sport series is the second copy watch with a new quartz movement. In addition to the Grand Seiko blue dial, it also has a ceramic bezel of the same color, which hardly scratches. The markers, hour and minute hands are coated with LumiBrite, which can increase the clarity of time even in low light conditions. It has a water resistance of 20 bar, a magnetic resistance of 16,000 A/m and a screw-in crown to enhance safety. It will be released as a limited edition of 2,000 in April 2020.