The three largest in the world

-The first collaboration between the legendary Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilainen.
-The proprietary new “TriAx” mechanism has 3 axes, which rotate at different speeds and different planes, breaking the records of 8 seconds, 12 seconds and 20 seconds.
-Porter escapement, a unique combination of hemispherical balance and spiral hairspring.

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Meteorological science tells us that when cold currents and warm currents meet, all kinds of severe weather will occur. Storms, peculiar atmospheric conditions and even tornadoes will follow. Therefore, when two very different master watchmakers come together-a legendary innovator from Val de Zucks is known for his unorthodox, jaw-dropping complexity, and the other A well-known perfectionist and the backbone of the acclaimed traditional craftsmanship-the traditional craftsman in Mortis-has to watch out for lightning. horizon.

Showcasing the Legacy Machine Thunderdome signed by Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilainen.

The rotating spherical object of gears, pinions and cages rises and sits on the blue guillotine. Somehow, order was extracted from the chaos of this movement. The time displayed on the slanted lacquered dial proves that even the wildest clock whirlwind can be tamed by the logic of hours and minutes.

Maximilian Büsser, the founder of replica MB&F, said: “One of the many things I am very satisfied with is that we have to convene two people I admire in this industry. They are very talented and have complete With different styles and personalities, there has never been an opportunity for cooperation.”

Once taken, this opportunity can reshape the entire landscape. MB&F’s original only instruction to Eric Coudray was to “make the craziest and most cinematic three-axis tourbillon ever.” Under the premise of free creation, Coudray established something completely new in his experience: a mechanism beyond the tourbillon, namely the proprietary new MB&F “TriAx”.

The new TriAx mechanism shown in Legacy Machine Thunderdome implements MB&F’s instructions to Eric Coudray in an amazing way. The three-axis rotary escapement has a streamlined structure that surpasses traditional and modern conventions. TriAx replaces the reasonable (and troublesome) system of associating a cage with each axis of rotation. Instead, it uses a three-axis, two-cage configuration to counter the logic, making the throbbing and rotating heart of Thunderdome more visible than ever .


Following the bold whirlwind of Coudray, his name is actually synonymous with bold watchmaking in the 21st century-LM Thunderdome’s TriAx mechanism eradicated the concept of watchmaking escapement that we are most familiar with. Controlling the rate at which energy escapes from the barrel is the unusual Porter escapement, which uses a fixed escapement instead of the moving escapement found in almost every modern rotary escapement. The fixed escape wheel of the Porter escapement (named after the 19th century watchmaker and inventor Albert H. Porter) allows this mechanism to have a higher speed.

It has never been done before to integrate a fixed escape wheel into a three-axis rotating mechanism, but LM Thunderdome did it, and there is a good reason. High-speed rotation consumes a lot of energy. The innermost structure completes a circle in 8 seconds, the middle frame rotates once every 12 seconds, and the outermost frame rotates once every 20 seconds.

Another advantage of the Porter escapement is that it frees up more space for the balance wheel and hairspring, so that you can better appreciate another new development: the balance wheel of the LM Thunderdome adopts a hemispherical form and surrounds a spiral. The balance spring realizes unprecedented adjustment and configuration of the organ in modern and classical watchmaking.

In the 15 years since this mechanism first appeared in the watch industry, even an experienced watch connoisseur is very familiar with the multi-axis tourbillon. The Legacy Machine Thunderdome is an eye-opener. Not only is it faster, but its components are also whizzing by at a dizzying speed-bigger, thanks to the offset shaft of the outermost cage, which increases the overall displacement of the balance and is more distinctive different. The obvious arch of the sapphire crystal dome allows Eric Coudray’s work to sit completely above the dial and can be seen from all sides.

The reverse operation of the LM Thunderdome engine also benefits you a lot, although it is difficult to open your eyes from the glasses on the side of the dial. The manual-winding three-barrel movement may have been technically conceived by Eric Coudray, but its aesthetic concept is entirely Kari Voutilainen.

There were countless exchanges between the two watchmakers, until Coudray’s engine design gained impeccable vitality, presenting a classic and elegant form. The smooth and rounded bridge frame combines the sharp hand-beveled inner corners and the mirror curve, suggesting a sense of calm and firm peace, and fixing the turbulent vortex on the other side. Kari Voutilainen applied his proprietary finish style to the ratchet for the first time in MB&F works. This technology imparts a serpentine flickering effect to a circular surface, capturing light in the form of S-shaped waves. In the Voutilainen workshop, this technology is a closely guarded secret that requires years of experience and special tools to execute.

About the LM THUNDERDOME engine

MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome is the culmination of four years of development. It is an unprecedented collaboration between Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilainen, the two most respected watch thinkers today. Although the technical construction originated from Coudray, it was Voutilainen who transformed this mechanical device into an exquisite aesthetic movement that resides in the LM Thunderdome.

Although the latter task may seem simple compared to technology development, the difficulties it actually brings are much greater than implied. The complex and subtle relationships between the 413 components of the LM Thunderdome engine make each micro-adjustment an extended exercise in mechanical reconfiguration. The movement diameter is only 35mm, which emphasizes the proportional design in proportion, and the error range is much smaller. Even a bridge that is one millimeter wide, or a bridge where the pinion has moved a few micrometers to either side, will immediately stand out and be clearly dislocated.

Voutilainen said: “In such a complex project, considering many different factors, I chose the traditional method of hand-painting the movement, rather than using computer software. It made me better in the proportions and choices required for beauty and functionality. Good feeling.”

Hovering above the dial of Legacy Machine Thunderdome is “TriAx”, a highly complex multi-axis rotating escapement, which is new even in the works of Eric Coudray’s unparalleled similar institutions of.

The three shafts rotate at different speeds and planes, starting from the innermost shaft and rotating a full circle in 8 seconds. The next axis of rotation is at right angles to the first axis of rotation and rotates a full circle in 12 seconds. The outermost axis of rotation is inclined at right angles to the second axis and rotates a full circle in 20 seconds. This gives LM Thunderdome the fastest combined rotation capability in the category of multi-axis adjustment mechanisms.

MB&F HM3 Frog Horological Machine No.3 Frog 32.TL.B Replica Watch

In addition, the last axis of rotation is eccentric with respect to the other two axis of rotation, so when viewed individually, the final movement of the balance wheel is most accurately described as a three-axis rotation of the orbit.

In terms of timing, this means that the LM Thunderdome engine has the largest range and fastest balance wheel position shift rate known in the history of watchmaking. In a more accessible environment, this means that LM Thunderdome provides a visual wonder that has never been seen in the watch industry.

The existing terms are not sufficient to cover the rotation mechanism of LM Thunderdome. The rotating current interval is close to 1g. It is a manual-winding three-barrel movement with a 45-hour power reserve.

More information about TRIAX: three-dimensional balance and rare escapement

For the first time in any micromechanical clockwork, hemispherical balances are used to provide inertia in regulating organs. This completely innovative customized solution can achieve maximum balance when combined with a cylindrical hairspring while still maintaining a relatively compact cage (or composite cage, as the case may be). top luxury replica watches

Cylindrical hairsprings have been used throughout history for timepieces that prioritize isochronism and overall chronograph performance, because even under extensive destructive environmental conditions, the highly uniform breathing of the cylindrical hairspring is unlikely to cause abnormal timing .

Even the most ambitious watchmakers can think that creating a three-dimensional balance is a daunting challenge without the need for extra steps in the middle of the multi-axis rotation mechanism. How to adjust the balance in different positions in all three dimensions per second?

Even the most advanced laser measuring instruments are confused by the continuously moving balance and its enclosed rotating cage. MB&F has further expanded the beam frequency by completely shifting the beam frequency into the infrared range (thus avoiding any misreading caused by the interaction between the visible range of the beam and the polished parts), and has developed a system that takes discrete readings at specific locations. Known applications of laser technology. A period of time. In addition to the comprehensive experience and skills of Eric Coudray and MB&F watchmakers, the LM Thunderdome balance can be adjusted efficiently and precisely.

The key to the high-speed rotation of TriAx at the core of the LM Thunderdome is a little-known variant of the escapement system, which was proposed by the 19th-century American watchmaker and inventor Albert H. (not Harry) Potter. It is a tourbillon. An improvement. Instead of driving the escape wheel around a fixed fourth wheel with a pinion, he used the escape wheel as a fixed wheel and changed the geometry of the escape lever accordingly. He correctly concluded that this would make the tourbillon spin at an astonishing speed.

In the TriAx mechanism of LM Thunderdome, the Porter escapement has been further modified. Instead of having a fixed escape wheel coaxial with the outer balance wheel (coaxial with the balance wheel), Thunderdome uses a fixed escape wheel with inverted teeth (coplanar with the lever fork). In modern timepieces, this configuration has only been seen in a single-axis tourbillon, and never seen in a multi-axis movement. There is no rule book or precedent, so TriAx created its own rule book.

These are MB&F’s first place, and more importantly, they are the first place in the watch industry.

Excellent finish

Since an excellent movement should achieve an excellent finish, Kari Voutilainen agreed to apply his own proprietary finishing technology on the ratchet for the first time in the creation of fake MB&F. This surface finish is almost uniformly sandblasted, but reflects direct light in the deep curved S-wave.

Voutilainen said: “Even people with many years of completion experience cannot replicate this completion effect.” “It is not without specialized training, specialized tools and expertise.” Needless to say, Voutilainen will not specify these specific contents unless he Favored and trusted finishing experts in our workshop.

The rest of the Legacy Machine Thunderdome engine has the highest level of manual finishing at the highest level of style throughout the 19th century. Sharp inner corners that cannot be reached by the machine can be chamfered and polished manually. The gentle Geneva wave unique to Voutilainen is applied by hand, as well as the frosting and engraving on the power reserve indicator.

Rotating the escapement around the multi-axis is a guilloche-shaped dial, which was also created by Kari Voutilainen in his dial factory, Comblémine.

Technical index

Limited edition platinum 950 with light blue guilloché dial;

A movement developed by Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilainen for MB&F.

The adjustment mechanism has 3 fast rotating shafts, which rotate at different speeds and on different planes. The rotation speed of the shaft from the center is 8 seconds, 12 seconds and 20 seconds. The total weight of the multi-axis mechanism is close to 1 gram.

Manual winding, with three barrels.

A custom hemispherical 10mm balance wheel with a traditional adjusting screw and spiral hairspring is visible on the top of the movement.
Under the premise of respecting the style of the 19th century, the most advanced manual processing is carried out; the inclined inner corners highlight the manual craftsmanship; the polished inclined surface; the Geneva wave; hand-carved.
Power reserve: 45 hours
Balance frequency: 3 Hz / 21,600bph
Number of parts: 413
Number of gems: 63

Functions and instructions
Display hours and minutes on a 58° vertically inclined dial
Power reserve indicator on the back of the movement

Material: Platinum Release version size: 44mm x 22.2 mm
Number of parts: 20
Waterproof depth: 30m / 90′ / 3ATM

Sapphire crystal
The top and back are made of sapphire crystal glass treated with anti-reflective coating.

Strap and buckle
A blue hand-stitched alligator leather strap with a platinum or tantalum folding clasp.