The Broadsword watch approved by Bremont MOD now comes in a seductive bronze color

Luxury Bremont ALT1-P2 BLUE Replica Watch

Item Type: Replica Broadsword Bronze NEW Watches
Gender: men
Brand Name: BREMONT
Case Material: Bronze,round
Movement: Automatic
Glass: Sapphire
Dial Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: —
Dial: Black
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Band Material Type: leather strap
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
Year: 2020

Each Bremont Broadsword Bronze will eventually develop its own unique patina. We wore it before launch…

Many watch brands claim to have military qualifications, but once you understand the marketing mania, there are many economic benefits. This is why best fake watches that have a real connection with the military are so precious. Look at the Rolex “Military” Submariner (aka “Milber”), which is an instance of the Swiss brand made for the British Ministry of Defense-the Mint can be sold for £160,000. Or consider the desirability of original “Dirty Dozen” watches customized by 12 different companies (especially Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vertex, Lemania, Longines, Buren, Grana, Cyma, Eterna, Omega, IWC, Timor and Record). A British soldier during the Second World War. In recent years, these have also received increasing attention.

Fast forward to today, a new watch brand recently established the same rare association. Since 2019, Bremont has established a formal partnership with MOD, the latter being the only luxury watch manufacturer approved to use all three British Armed Forces badges. This feat is not surprising. The company regards it as one of its “most proud achievements”. The latest achievement of the dedicated “Armed Forces” series is Bremont Broadsword Bronze. The inspiration for this watch is of course those old-fashioned “Dirty Dozen” works. You can see their spirit in Broadsword’s small seconds dial, exposed crown, highly luminous and Arabic numerals.

But this is not the cover version. On the one hand, replica Bremont watches have a date window; on the other hand, the broadsword bronze dial is not black, but “slate”, “sotek” (military green) or “tobacco”. However, the most interesting is the copper case. The antique tone of this metal not only looks great on vintage watches, but is also a suitable choice for pieces related to the armed forces. Because of its resistance to salt water corrosion, bronze has a long history in the military field. A large part of the appeal of watchmaking is that bronze develops a unique patina with age. After a few years, your broadsword bronze will not look like everyone else.

We borrowed it before the product was released, and although obviously we did not have long enough to detect patina, there is no doubt that it has an aesthetic appeal. Our model-the sotek dial on the brown strap-looks superb on the wrist and is very comfortable.

Bremont’s new broadsword bronze brings modern changes to the history of military watchmaking

In addition, with the passage of time, the patina of this case will be very beautiful, it is up to you to decide.

The British watchmaker Bremont has long attracted widespread attention among military pilots with its flight-inspired watches. Since 2002, the brothers Nick and Giles English, who are keen on pilots, have been working hard to establish stronger connections with private military customers and official institutions. Bremont’s airworthy watches are sold to pilots who serve in air forces around the world and people who don’t know anything about aircraft.

The limited edition uses aluminum derived from the real wartime “Super Navy” Spitfire fighter, the original Wright Flyer wing fabric, and the very rare MB1. Only when it was successfully ejected from Martin Baker The fighter jet on the chair can only be purchased after being ejected. A bit niche market. But this is not a one-off or limited release.

In 2019, Bremont copy established a partnership with the British government’s Ministry of Defence, which was its first initiative when its Armed Forces Collection was granted the right to carry all three wings of the British Army: Army, Royal Air Force And the Royal Navy. These devices are engraved on all bottom covers of Broadsword, Argonaut and Arrow watches.

Bremont today launched a striking new bronze version of Broadsword, adding it to the series in three different and interesting dial colors. There is “Slate”, a dark green army green/blue-green combination called “Sotek” and “tobacco”. The thick layer of Luminova ensures that the numbers pop off the dial at night. The special bronze alloy made into the two-part shell contains 8% tin, which is a mixture of many metal products (including propellers) used by naval engineers on ships to have high corrosion resistance. However, although the bronze may make it suitable for the high seas, the inspiration for this watch comes from a wild copy watch worn strictly on the Terra Firma.

Broadsword is Bremont’s own view of Dirty Dozen, Dirty Dozen is a legendary committee of the British Ministry of Defense during World War II, used to equip certain key ranks and units in the British army. Twelve different watchmakers were selected, including IWC, Longines and Omega, so “Twelve” and their production are unified through a simple and practical black dial and a white dial, heavy brilliance and a few seconds The dial is at 6 o’clock. The new Broadsword version pushes this look even further, but still pays tribute to the history of watchmaking.