U-Boat watch: a timepiece that transcends history


That year was 1942. The Italian Navy entrusted Ilvo Fontana with the arduous task, that is, to manufacture a new type of watch to meet the technical and mechanical requirements of naval top replica watch. Proper calculation may mean the difference between life and death.

Fast forward to 2000. Ilvo’s grandson Italo Fontana took place on his grandfather’s work and has been using prototypes to make a living legacy for the past twelve years.

result? U-shaped boat watch. U-Boat watches feature low-light legibility and bold design, which are as unique and layered as the men who designed the series.

The watch’s motto is individuality and strength, and each series embodies the bold ideas behind the brand. As early as 1942, the original idea of ​​the watch was to make the watch easy to read but difficult to destroy.

Each series reinterprets its tradition. The automatic men’s watch U-Boat-1682-1 uses a red dial with red scales, giving a completely different feel, making the watch look like the radar of the U-Boats era. Although interesting colors can be selected in unique locations, the table is still very easy to read. It is this clever imagination of watch brands that keeps U-boat watches ahead of the competition.

Another interesting timepiece of the brand is the silencer Flightdeck 50MB U-Boat.5324. A simple color scheme should be boring, but the unusual placement of numbers and the unusual placement of bold numbers and the second hand-closer to the edge of the copy watch than usual, adds a subtle and original appeal to the watch.

Contrasting colors and a red dial may not be what you want to drink: U-Boat Flightdeck 7750 50 chronograph combines all the toughness and modern style of a U-boat of World War II. The watch is made of titanium and is almost indestructible. The black numbers on the black dial should be difficult to read, but the different texture of the index makes it easy to read. This is another thoughtful twist on the traditional design that makes U-Boat watches stand out.

If you are looking for a watch that can be passed down from generation to generation, is it logical to buy from a brand that has been passed down from generation to generation? The dedication of Ilvo and Italo Fontana brings the fake U-Boat series into the future while still maintaining an understanding and appreciation of the work of previous generations.