Jacob & Co. Astronomia Everest Gravitational Double Axis Tourbillon

The Mount Everest of Jacob & Co. Astronomy Company combines Mt. Everest, water from the poles of the earth

If you want to wear history on your wrist and don’t mind paying a lot of money for it, read on. Based on Jacob & Co.’s most popular astronomical tourbillon, the watchmaker collaborated with Swedish explorer and environmentalist Johan Ernst Nilson to create the astronomical Mount Everest Gravitational dual-axis tourbillon.

There are many elements in this kind of watch that will never be copied, making it a powerful property.

Incorporate history into

This timepiece in collaboration with Nilson and Jacob & Co. is called the “Astronomical Mount Everest Gravity Dual-axis Tourbillon”, which features elements collected by adventurers during their expeditions. Mount Everest and the two ends of the earth-North and South Pole.

The watch contains stones picked up from the mountain. Mount Everest, with two transparent capsules at the ideal 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions, is filled with water that Nielsen collects from every Poles. Not so, this makes the sales of fashion replica watches more exciting and the ownership more attractive-the astronomical Mount Everest will be retailed by helicopter. The lucky buyer will fly over Mount Everest with Nilson.

Interesting design

Astronomical Mount Everest is equipped with Jacob’s dual-axis gravitational tourbillon on one of the four satellites; the other three include a chronograph dial, a rotating magnesium metal spherical mirror and a one-carat 288-face cut Jacob-cut diamond. This watch has two dial options-47mm black and blue dials-both in an 18k white gold case.

Astronomy Mount Everest, Mount Everest (8,848 meters)-part of the sales revenue will be donated to organizations dedicated to protecting the environment. This is the first time that Jacob & Co. uses Super-LumiNova for the hands and other components on the dial – and Super-LumiNova is integrated on the strap. This watch comes with a special box shaped like Mt.Mt. Mount Everest.

Jacob&Co.’s new “Mount Everest” watch

Sold in a helicopter expedition with explorer Johan Ernst Nilson.

To be sure, the latest product of Jacob & Co. is the pinnacle of its astronomical tourbillon products, and there is a narrative behind each product. This newcomer has the highest legend of all products.

Jacob & Co. collaborated with Swedish explorer and environmentalist Johan Ernst Nilson to create a limited edition watch, the astronomical Mount Everest. This extraordinary timepiece comes with a legendary mountain in it, and the sale of the watch comes with a helicopter experience, bringing buyers to Mt.Mt. Nelson himself and Mount Everest.

Nilson is an experienced mountaineer and explorer who has participated in seven summits and completed a three-shot challenge. Nilson is familiar with clocks and cheapest watches, and takes him through the Himalayas with an astronomical tourbillon to reach a temperature of 6,200 meters and minus 30 degrees to keep the clock working.

Nilson hopes that the new version will be based on the brand’s Astronomia Sky Tourbillon, with a dual-axis gravity tourbillon on one of the four satellites. On the other three satellites, there is a Jacob cut diamond weighing 1 carat. Next to it is a continuously rotating magnesium globe. The hour hands are marked with “Mount Everest”, “North” and “South” time scales (all pointing to Three poles).

This also marks the first use of Super-LumiNova as a pointer by Jacob & Co., and a luminescent material is also used on the rubber strap.

There are two versions of 47 mm to choose from-one with a black dial made of black 18-carat black gold and the other with a 18-carat white gold blue dial. Each will have only 12, bringing the total to 24. www.chronowrist.ru