Delacour City M Tourbillon

Swiss luxury watch brand Delacour is female, the city M Tuomene provides high-end complications iTepiece, only the limited edition in only 3 watches.

With the limited diamond, this Drak watch provides a flying Touri Wheel to the women ‘s opportunities to enter the HAUTE complex world.

Replica DeLaCour Bichrono S3 Steel Gold Yellow Watch

Its flying gyrpen is taken out from the gyro, lacks high-rise deck, retaining mechanical handwind sports, is the result of close cooperation between Drakul and Swiss teacher master.

The manufacturing diameter has a modern design and unusual cylindrical structure, achieving its implementation is very complex, ensuring the perfect visual harmony of the Shopping replica watch.

In a signature oval brand case, this tettle wheel movement seems to be floating. Four rigid rigid jade columns, the column constitutes its structure, mastering the interior space of the watch, and presenting the gear train in all its purity.

The fine insertion of these cylinders is completely coordinated in the vertical shaft structure, used as the bridge and imparts the maximum stiffness of motion. Drac Choose a pure dial, leaving only two bread-shaped hand reading. There is no index or quantity on this gem, which can show the purity of its shiny diamond dressing and flight gyro.

The handwinding clock table has a 3-hour power reserve that can be controlled by a discrete indicator located at 11 o’clock. Hand-sewn crocodile belt, complete the elegant dressing of this watch. fake DeLaCour Bichrono