Richard Mille: RM 21-01 Touring Wheel AERODYNE

The quality of Richard Mille replica watches depends not only on its architecture, but also the material made thereof. In fact, it is impossible to design a model that can withstand the most extreme condition without creating components created with the same needs. Richard Mille mainly utilizes the engineering design of the integrated materials in the air and one-level equation, and transferred the possible application of the watch movement and its housings, which gives its precision, lightness, and resistance. Sexual and reliability and model life in the connection. .

The new RM 21-01 Tuple Wheel Aerodyne responded to this concept in various aspects and learned inspiration from the aviation field.

Richard Mille demonstrates its latest and innovative case version on RM 21-01. The surface of the TPT carbon fiber and the bottom cover and the side column of the same material make the complex structure of the main portion of the 5n red gamous case more robust. This extremely and robust composite is made by overlapping hundreds of carbon fiber sheets using the automatic process, the automatic process changes the 45 ° direction between each layer. It is then heated to 120 ° C in the autoclave, and then processed in the CNC machining center, and the accuracy reaches micrometers. These rugged parts are like armor, and they can perfectly protect the housing and securely securely secured in the appropriate position by 20 one-channel screws. The eye-catching appearance of the carbon fiber TPT coating is perfectly supplemented with the movement of the movement and the blue honeycomb structure.

At the center of the pressure plate, we discovered Carbon TPT again, this time the brand is absolutely novel, a honeycomb structure of Haynes 214 alloy, a blue PVD surface coating. This nickel-chromium aluminum iron alloy is mainly used in an environment above 955 ° C. It has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, which can be used for conventional molding and assembly to make it particularly suitable for combustion chambers. Therefore, the dial of the watch has unparalleled rigid, extremely low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent anti-torque, which is all basic requirements of the Richard mil watch.

Richard Mille Sports Designers use 5 titanium alloys during the construction of the bridge, which has excellent rigid and excellent antioxidant properties. The hair strip box and the gyro bridge are located on the circular base of gold, occupying the central part of the dial, which is very suitable for the rotation of the movement, while the circular window makes the beauty of the gavene. . There are also gold.

The manual upper chain head of the fully visible replica RM21-01 of the components allowed by the sapphire crystal dial. Instead of 11 o’clock, we found a 70-hour autonomous indicator, and the location of the 1st was occupied by the torque indicator. The latter allows you to immediately view the tension of the string spring, to optimize the movement of the movement. The 4 o’clock position has a function selection indicator, which is made of carbon TPT and 5N rose gold by the central buttons integrated in the crown, and has a white rubber non-skid ring, which is the same as the material used in strap. Similar to the automotive gearbox, just press the button at the center of the crown, you can switch the watch from the neutral (N) to the clock (W), and set the time of the watch (H).

The movement has been carefully hand-made, including chamfering, polishing, upper blue and chamfering, using innovative technical materials, and finally integrates the impact of the global gravity. replica men watches