Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watches

Can the “end model” Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-014 set off again? Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition] As early as the end of last year, the news that the Patek Philippe Nautilus steel case 5711A was about to be discontinued had spread throughout the Internet. Later, Patek Philippe’s official also confirmed the news. As a result, the Nautilus is even more impressive. The supply is in short supply. But just before the end of this year, Patek Philippe launched a new Nautilus with a new color scheme. Let’s take a look. (Watch model: Ref. 5711/1A-014)

Before the official release of the new Nautilus, many watch fans predicted the appearance of the new watch. Some watch friends speculated that it would be replaced with a green surface. Facts have proved that these watch friends are really familiar with Patek Philippe’s “routine”. The overall appearance of the new watch is not much different from the past, basically the same as the 5711A on the blue plate.

Nautilus was first born in 1976 and came from the hands of Master Gerald Zunda. The appearance of the watch can be said to be very eye-catching, and it has also been a classic for nearly half a century. The round and non-round octagonal bezel corners are very rounded, and the design does not fall apart. Of course, each has its own eyes. Many people may find this look awkward at first, but when it is pleasing to the eye, it will be “really fragrant”.

The size of the watch is 40 mm. The case is inspired by the ship’s porthole and is made of stainless steel, which is durable and durable. From the detailed picture, you can see that the front side of the bezel is satin-brushed and polished, and the side is polished and polished. The two polishing methods show the effect of light and shadow interlacing each other, making the appearance more unique.

The cheap mens watches dial is embellished with horizontal horizontal stripes and embossed patterns, with a large three-handed and a calendar window. The overall layout is very simple and clean. In addition, the outer links of the one-piece stainless steel bracelet are gradually narrowed and connected to the buckle, showing a casual and elegant style.

The face of the new watch has been changed to green. In recent years, green disc watches are indeed very popular, but the shades of green discs are also different from each other. The green saturation of this Nautilus by Patek Philippe is moderate, not overly eye-catching and stable. Personally, I feel that this color is more olive green, and I feel that it will not be very abrupt to get started, and it is easier to control.

The thickness of the watch is only 8.3 millimeters. With the proper configuration of a luxury sports watch, sports and business styles can be switched freely. The side of the watch has smooth lines. The crown is polished and has anti-slip texture treatment. The surface of the crown is engraved with the iconic Patek Philippe Logo.

The watch is equipped with a 26-330 SC self-winding movement. The 26-330 SC self-winding movement has been used in Ref. 5711 since 2019.

The design of this movement is inspired by the 324 S C movement, and incorporates a number of innovative technologies and optimized performance, including the winding system. The movement also has a stop-second device to ensure that the set time can be accurate to the second. In addition, the case has a waterproof coefficient of up to 120 meters, providing excellent protection for the watch. Through the sapphire crystal cover, you can appreciate the precise structure and gorgeous decoration of the movement, and appreciate the profound watchmaking tradition of Patek Philippe.

As soon as the news of the suspension of production of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711A came out, the price in the secondary market also rose. Now this green disc Nautilus comes out as a “farewell model”, which also means that the era of 5711A is completely over. And this green disk should not be produced for a long time.