Most IWC temperament watch – new 41mm flying

Lift IWC Replica watches, always gives people a sense of domineering and tightening, in many people’s minds are synonymous. The reason why IWC tables gave people such an impression, and the pilot series is largely upset. With the closing of 2021 W & W Senior Watch, new products have also been unveiled. Behind the newly lowered radiopes, this brand new 41mm flying, in my mind, is the most IWC temperament watch.

Legendary historical source is long

Why do I think flying is the most IWC temperament watch? First talk about what is “brand temperament”. A brand, its temperament does not overflow, but integrates into its product design style, whenever this brand is mentioned, there will always be a solid feeling in your mind. The top 1868 Savhausen was born in 1868, in the era of manual production and grinding parts, IWC table earlier achieved mechanized production, which also injected modern temperament into the brand. Second, the IWC table currently sells more men, and women’s watches are limited to Baofuo and Daxi series.

In 1936, the brand launched the first “Special Pilot Watch“, which is the opening of the entire pilot series, which is constantly evolving and developing a number of models, of which Mark 11 is also served as a military-stricken watch service in the UK Royal Air Force, there is The military background is brought, the IWC table adds a tough breath.

Modern, male, hard, connecting these keywords together, imposing in my mind is a pilot series watch. If each brand can only select a product as a representative, then I think that the most representative IWC table is flying.

Inherit the classic hug

The new 41 mm flying specometer seems to be a 43mm “small prince” special edition narrowed version, which basically continues the classic appearance of the previous work, and the thickness of the case is also reduced from 15.4 mm to 14.5 mm. In addition to the timing second disc of the 9-point direction and the small second disk interchange in the 6-point direction, we are difficult to find other differences on the dial, which is also a way to quickly distinguish the new old model. swiss IWC

In addition to inheriting the pilot series classic deep sun-shaped blue dial, it also added new green. Green as a big popularity in recent years, seems to have the legend of “Green Guide”. The popular green matching flying classic style, what will the combination of these will come out?

Exquisite table Throughout the IWC chronograph, the cypress is 39 mm, and the vertex is 41 mm. The old 43mm flying surface is not friendly for Asians, especially the thinheads of the week. This new flying fly adjusted to 41 mm to achieve a unity of the size of the Portuguese timer code, which will no longer affect the factors in the selection of the series. The size of 41 mm gold will also attract more people try to wear and purchase a new flying.

The new 41mm flying specometer introduced a quick release table. This is not a major innovation and upgrade, but in the wearable, wearer can replace the favorite strap according to the costumes, different materials, colors The strap will be suitable for more wearing situations, and the quick-release design also avoids the trouble of find tools and the risk of scratching the watch during the process of replacing the strap. luxury men watch