Vacheron Constantin luxury watches

Why is the “double chasing needle” of copy Vacheron Constantin , is it a peak?

Talking about the complex function of the watch, what do you think of? Is it a gourge wheel, a thousand years, or three questions? This is a more common and recognized complex function in the advanced tab. But talk about “chasing needle”, if you don’t have experience, it is hard to feel the charm of this complex function.

At this year, “Watches and Miracles” high-level watch show, Vacheron Constantin brings a talented series of ultra-thin double top-champion chronographs – limited amounts of platinum collection series, model: 5400t / 000p-b637, each one has independent numbers, And only sell in Jiang Shodian store. In this issue, let’s talk about this paired double champion timeline table for this attention.

Material demand

In my impression, the Vacheron Constantin hits the series is a series of history represents the 266-year history. Even if the watch industry changes, in the hitting series, you can always find the first-class watch, this is the so-called “classic” . With the growth of the experience, this “classic” is more likely to touch my heart, it is worth moving down and slowly appreciate. Recalling that this year, Jiang Shi Detan’s exhibition theme is – classic, Classic With A Twist, which makes me more expecting this double-top chronograph.

950 platinum as the most expensive precious metal material in the hiped series, is used to the case of the watch, the lap, the dial, and the crowned buckle, and even the crocodile skin strap is also from 950 platinum wire Hand-sewing, this low-key luxury, I am afraid that only its owner can experience the leisureness.

The diameter of the cheap replica watches is 42.5 mm, and I am very perfect for me 17 cm long. This size is very perfect. The overall weight of the watch is controlled well, 950 platinum dial naturally clean, with 18K white gold pointers and time standards, will not be particularly grand, but also full of exquisite texture. In my opinion, this demanding of the material is the attitude of high-end tabulation.

This double-top clock chime pattern is equipped with a 3,500 movement specially introduced for the 260th anniversary of the celebration brand in 2015, including 473 parts, the vibration frequency is 21,600 times per hour, 48 hours of power storage. To say what the movement is chat, I think there is three points.

First, still thin! Why “still”? In the river temple Denton complex feature watch I have contacted, Jiang Shi Den can control the thickness of the movement very thin. Whether it is a gourntern, a thousand years, three questions, is also true. Today’s 3500 movement thickness is only 5.2 mm, which makes the entire thickness of only 10.72 mm. You know, 3500 can be a double-chain function of a double-top function.

Second, equipped with a 22k gold edge Shengyuan is installed on the bearing of the movement of the movement, which is not only allowed to minimize the space as much as possible, but also make everyone better admire the movement structure and exquisite grinding. Have to say, this is a very perfect automatic exemption design plan.

Third, it is “Write” technology. This is the patent of the river temple brand. In the horizontal clutch, it is possible to reduce the slight jitter phenomenon that the pointer may occur during startup, ensuring that the timing device is stable and increases the overall reliability and durability of the best fake watches.

How to use pin?

Compared to the traditional “three head” chronograph table, this double-top clock timber table integrates the “Start / Stop button” over the crown of the three o’clock, the pillow button of the two o’clock position, I like Ten it called “Tursing Pin Button”.

When you press “Start”, the central meter second hand and the pursuit of the pincushion start operation at the same time, and keeps overlapping, the visual effect is “one timing second hand is walking”. When pressing the “Tursing pin button”, the pin stop stops, and the central count second hand continues to operate. Press the “Pursuit button” again, chasing the needle seconds will immediately catch up with the central counting secondary, and again “make a timed second needle”. This operation can be repeated, a quiet movement, between the electro-optical flame, is indeed interesting.

After appreciating this double-chasing pin chronograph, I have a new feelings for senior tabors and life. In terms of function, the double champion timing function can accurately measure two sections of time, which can record a period of time than a single chronograph code table. In order to record more than this time, how many people’s master’s heart is dressed. swiss Vacheron Constantin is such a brand with a high-class historic history of 266 years. After the time, it has been combined with traditional crafts and singles, bringing more and more wonderful works in the world. It is the most worthy place to appreciate the brand.

The clock is a tool for recording time, but also a partner of our growth. Compared with the history of hundreds of years, we can see a better thing, perhaps just a fragment, a moment, but this does not hinder us to appreciate this beautiful. After reading the bustling, you can read this beautiful, it is more precious.