MB & F – Levings Flyingt Malachite

MB & F fake is launching the heritage machine flying peacock stone, and its flight gyro clock is dedicated to women’s latest changes.

The new model uses dial board and base, the new model uses steep gradient baffles and slender lugs, completely inlaid with a steep lumberry twill, inlaid with diamonds.

With natural lines, randomly turned deep green from the light, the peacock dial on the sapphire crystal (the anti-reflection coating on both sides of the reflective coating on both sides).

Time is displayed on the 7-point 50 ° vertically tilted sub-place, with two snakes. Two crowns can be used to wind a fake watches for sale (left) or set time (right).

The towering vertical structure of flight automatic movement is decorated from 60 seconds of flight tracks. When their names show, the flight Touring is only anchored in its base, there is no stabilizing bridge to limit the lateral movement of the top.

The top of the top of the upper tetling wheel is a single large diamond, rotated at the same time and the flying gyrpen is simultaneously rotated, and the best quality stone is hot.

Extunches (2.5 Hz) at a slow (and fascinated) frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour (2.5 Hz), which provides a 100-hour power reserve.

In the case, we found a winding rotor, with the shape of the three-dimensional red gold sun, a carved light, a habit of nod to medium age, and wearing the image of the McGiite with the image of the sun.

The thickness is 38.5 mm, the thickness is 20 mm, which is the case of water resistance to 3 watts (about 30 m / 90 ft), and matches the crocodile belt provided by the white gold needle. MB & F Levings Flyingt Malachite