New Breitling Years Lead Super Chronomat Collection

The modern date of the modernization dates back to 1983, and when he first conceived the anger class, “FRECCE Tricolori” of the Italian Air Force. One year later, after 100 years of 100 years, the Chronomat has produced a series of series in the form of a referee. 81950. This is two-specific features; applications on the baffle and interchangeable rider tags, as well as their identifiable ROULAUX bracelet.

Last year, under the direction of Georges Kern, Breitling restarted Chronomat in several new models. Although Chronomat is still a sports, a male watch, but certainly wearing clothes. In this sense, this series stands out in compared with the past Avenger or COLT model. Last year’s RE-Editions did have a versatile material and dial-up option, but there is no other function.

Super Chronomat Collection
However, this is no longer due to the launch of the latest 100-year spirit super Chronomat, the brand is described as the main collection of extensions. Sports generic watches also have additional strength; each model is no longer 42 mm but 44 mm, and some versions are also new features and bracelet options. This is the first time, there will be a chronomat with stainless steel border and ceramic insert. Other features are still as described above, such as 3 points and 9-point interchangeable rider tab, which allows the wearer to use them as countdown or counting.

Super Chronomat B01 44
Case and dial
The new super Chronomat B01 44 has three different variations. This includes two stainless steel models with blue or black dials and baffles. The third version uses 18 kkla red box and bracelet, brown baffle and dial.

In addition, the border is integrated with a ceramic insert. Finally, the watch has a silver timer counter that is located under the curved sapphire crystal, and both sides have an anti-reflective coating.

Sport, price and availability
Powering the new super Chronomat B01 44 model, re-COSC certified caliber B01, integrated column wheel and vertical clutch. The internal diameter has a 70-hour power reserve. Customers can choose stainless steel Rouleeaux bracelets with a folded buckle or a rubber band similar to a Rouleaux style, which matches the color of the watch.

Special Edition: Super Chronomat B01 44 with UTC Module
Some people still remember one or two models in 80s and have special features on the bracelet. This feature is UTC (General Time Coordination) display to provide a method of tracking the second time zone. Accurately, it is the main world time standard used today – so there is an hour difference with CET (Central Time). Super Chronomat B0144 (Refer to AB0136251B1A2), with black dial, incorporating the same UTC module into its Rouleaux bracelet – therefore provides a second time zone.

Super Chronomat 44 four calendar
The real surprise of the new collection must be a calendar model of Super Chronomat 444. Integrate “half” – normal calendar, it only needs to be adjusted once each time (1461 days).

Case and dial
The model version includes a version with a stainless steel box and a plate with a black ceramic insert, as well as the red gold detail on a black dial. Alternatively, another stainless steel version is equipped with a red gold baffle with a blue ceramic insert and a matching dial. This version is equipped with a two-color Rouleeaux bracelet made of stainless steel and 18 carat red. The timing code table subordinate counter on both models matches the dial, and protected by curved sapphire crystals, double-sided anti-reflection treatment. discount replica watches

The calendar in the new super Chronomat 44 4.4 is a Breitling-year spirit water pipe 19 with vertical clutch. The COSC certified chronograph movement provides a date, date, month, and MoonPhase show. Its power reserve is 42 hours.

Despite the additional functions, the new model is slightly slim than the predecessors of precious year. The Centennial Super Chronomat 44 four years has a calendar model of 14.55 mm. In contrast, super Chromat B01 44 is even even 14.45 mm. A slightly purified Chromat from the previous year is, by comparing 14.1 mm, the casing has a diameter of 42 mm.

Due to the Rouleeaux bracelet, the model is easy to identify as Chromator. However, they highlight some things that evoke super women (heritage) lines. It may be their sporty and unique baffles, where people have not been associated with Chronomat. In terms of process, functions, and sports, the new model is certainly attractive – very competitive in a given price segment.