Panerai Luminor Logo PAM 1084

Is entry level enough?

I admit that I am not a fan of luxury Panerai . There is nothing against this brand-it’s just that big, military-inspired watches are not my thing.

However, I have always been interested in the loyalty and enthusiasm that the brand generates in its most loyal fan Paneristi. Last year, Panerai launched a limited edition watch for the 20th anniversary of the Panerai Forum-the sixth watch for the community. Few brands have their own watch forums, let alone forums that have lasted for 20 years. Obviously, people have a lot of love for Panerai watches, and I have always wanted to know what is behind it.

When Panerai gave me the opportunity to test drive the Luminor Logo 44mm PAM01084 (the latest version of its entry-level model), it was a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and learn about Panerai.

PAM 1084 met my expectations very well.

Let’s start on the positive side. One is a practical, clear and easy-to-read dial, typical of Panerai-I have never encountered a timing problem. The other is the classic Panerai case with the iconic oversized crown lock bridge. And at 44 mm, it has a clear sense of wrist presence, but it doesn’t feel too big due to its short and slanted lugs. The watch has a lot of weight, but it feels reassuring rather than bulky.

Although PAM 1084 is one of the most affordable references in Panerai’s current lineup, it still retains most of the DNA that defines Panerai-even at the other end of the room, it can be immediately recognized as Panerai. perfect replica watches

However, some details reveal the fact that it is an entry-level model (this is how the “Logo” watch was originally conceived).

On the one hand, PAM 1084 does not have a “sandwich” dial, but instead has a luminous mark printed on the dial. More importantly, the sturdy bottom cover is press-in, not screw-in. In the end, the 100 m water resistance is only moderate at best, ruining the history of military diving watches to some extent.

When Panerai started manufacturing watches again in 1993, after the interruption of only diving and timing instruments, one of its first models was Luminor 5218-201/A, which was inspired by what Panerai once made for Italy Vintage military watch Navy.

Luminor 5218-201/A is called the “pre-Vendome” model along with some other “pre-V” models because it was produced before the brand was acquired by Richemont (then known as Vendome Luxury Group). The ideal timepiece of the early 2000s. Part of the catalyst for Panerai’s craze during that decade was the movie and sports celebrities who wore it. One of the pioneers of Panerai was Sylvester Stallone, who wore Luminor 5218-201/A in the 1996 film Daylight.

PAM 1084 has many similarities with Luminor 5218-201/A. For most of the past three years, this appearance has defined Panerai.

Although PAM 1084 is entry-level, it is closer to Luminor 5218-201/A than many more advanced similar products in the current catalog. 5218-201/A does not have a sandwich dial, nor does PAM 1084.

The PAM1084 case is polished as a whole, and the crown lock bridge is satin-finished. The collation of the case is historically accurate; since the “pre-V” watch, the 44mm Luminor case has been completed in this way.

However, it is very simple. Since 1993, the more diverse finishes found on larger Luminor models will be a welcome improvement. The polished case may be fingerprints and scratch magnets, which to some extent weakens its status as a military tool watch.

Sturdy and simple
Nevertheless, the Panerai case is simple, but of high quality. It is large and strong, but also has flat, well-defined surfaces and edges, which is unusual for simple-shaped stamping boxes. It is not the level of Grand Seiko, but it is still acceptable considering its price point. It is true that in terms of costs in this regard, this case should be done well, and it is true.

Inside is the manual wind P.6000. This in-house movement was launched in 2018 and is found in many entry-level Panerai watches, replacing the ETA Unitas movement that powered the previous iteration of Luminor 44mm.

The P.6000 has a 3-day power reserve, which is a significant improvement over the 56-hour power reserve of previous generations. Unfortunately, the movement is hidden under a solid back. The previous generations of Luminor “Logo” equipped with Unitas movement have a display back, so unfortunately, even if the movement is not dressed up, the internal movement is not visible in the latest version.

PAM 1084 is an affordable way to enjoy the unique Panerai style, successfully capturing the essence of the brand at a relatively affordable price. It makes the iconic design easy to use.

Compared with other popular entry-level military watches, the price of PAM 1084 is slightly higher, but it is understandable. Readable and robust alternatives, such as the IWC Mark XVIII and Breitling Avenger Automatic, cost about $4,000-or about a quarter less than PAM 1084-but they are made of improved ETA (or equivalent Sellita) The movement provides power. At the same time, their design is more versatile, not as iconic as Luminor.

When I tried PAM1084 for the first time, my opinion of it was neither lukewarm nor cold. However, it grew on me-to my surprise-and looked better on my wrist than I initially expected. When the loan period came, I was reluctant to pay it back, and then I missed it. replica Panerai

There are some things about this watch that give it a distinct masculinity. This makes me seriously consider adding Panerai to my collection, which I have never considered before. Maybe one day I will also become a member of Paneristi-I will definitely have a new understanding of this brand.

Panerai Luminor logo 44 mm
Ref. PAM01084

Diameter: 44 mm
Height: 13.05 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 100 meters

Movement: Carl. P.6000
Functions: hours, minutes and seconds
Winding: manual wind
Frequency: 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 72 hours

Strap: calfskin with an extra rubber strap