Rolex Forecast 2021 – New versions of Submariner, Daytona and Sea-Dweller

To provide more choices for existing models, while taking into account luxury.

Following the evolution of the Explorer II with a new ceramic bezel and the Explorer 1 with a new case diameter and possible Polar dial, we will continue our 2021 Rolex prediction series following the evolution of our anticipated Rolex main release in 2021. Traditionally, Rolex has focused on a major release each year, but will also launch some additional models, usually the evolution of existing watches. For example, the theme for 2020 is the new Submariner, but there are also new Oyster Perpetual and Sky-Dweller models. This year, we expect Rolex to launch new versions of Submariner Date, Cosmograph Daytona and Sea-Dweller, injecting more luxury into its series.

New Yellow and Everose Gold Steel Daytona Ceramics
We start these less important Rolex predictions for 2021 with some evolution of the Daytona racing chronograph. There are a variety of materials and colors to choose from, and we hope that the Rolesor (two-tone configuration) version will be updated with a black ceramic bezel, which will completely modernize this model and add some appeal.

Looking at the current collection, you will notice that the two-tone “Rolesor” Daytona is only available in stainless steel, and the bezel, crown/button and bracelet are all decorated in 18k gold. We hope this configuration can maintain the brand’s classic; however, we envision an upgraded version of this model with a black ceramic bezel on the all-gold model, which means it has a gold tachymeter scale-this look is to some extent It is reminiscent of the early Daytona watches with plexiglass inserts.

What is left is a wide selection of dial colors and materials. Here, we imagined two classic looks; an all-black model with a gold sub-dial ring, and a panda gold model with a black sub-dial and a champagne background. Considering the recent darling of dual-tone watches, it is not difficult to imagine the success of the two configurations.

Another possible update included in our Rolex forecast for 2021 is the launch of the Everose Rolesor version of Daytona, something unprecedented that Rolex has not yet created. Although a complete Everose, bracelet or Oysterflex rubber strap is provided, the Crown has never proposed a Daytona with a combination of steel and “Eternal Rose” rose gold. More subtle than gold, this may also become a favorite of women. For example, we envisioned a reverse panda dial and a classic combination with Everose gold-a brown dial. Of course, the black ceramic bezel will be equipped with rose gold tachymeter scales.

In September 2020, Rolex launched a new Submariner. Usually the precious metal models are launched first, and the steel models are launched a year later. Crown’s approach is different. The entire series is launched, including no date and date models, as well as steel models, two-color models and full gold (yellow or white) models. Total Eight references were introduced.

This year, for our 2021 Rolex forecast, we expect to add two materials to the Submariner series. Yes, these are a bit controversial, because Rolex has never produced such a watch in the past. First, we can see that the brand displays the full 18k Everose Gold Submariner date on the bracelet. In the meantime, why not pair this rose gold case with one of the iconic crown colors, the brown sunray brushed dial and the brown ceramic insert for the bezel? Although quite hypothetical, Rolex has proven in the past that its sports watches are no longer true professional instruments, and precious metals are now a tradition in Submariner.

When we talked about the deluxe version, we also imagined the platinum version of the Submariner Date. Once again, swiss Rolex has never proposed such a version of a luxury diving watch. However, understanding the brand’s high-luxury strategy does not seem to be hypothetical anymore. For this platinum Submariner, we decided to equip it with a classic light blue dial, usually with this heavy cool metal. In addition, we chose a blue ceramic bezel, but with a darker tone than the existing white gold 126619LB.

Of course, these updates only involve new colors and materials, and all specifications will be consistent with the current Submariner Date-meaning 41 mm case, new scale, new bracelet and 3235 movement.

Brand new all gold and OYSTERFLEX SEA-DWELLER
Last but not least, we came up with something that will definitely shock purists and tool watch lovers. In fact, we have imagined the full 18k gold version of the brand’s rugged diving watch Sea-Dweller. Of course, you can question the purpose of the gold case on a watch with 1,220m water resistance and a helium valve. But if you look back at the Rolex 2019 series, you will find that precious metals are no stranger to Sea-Dweller, it already exists in the surprising (but a bit cool) version of Rolesor 126603.

So, why not the all-golden sea envoy? In order to make it lighter and less provocative, we imagine it is worn on the brand’s great Oysterflex bracelet. This combination usually only appears on gold models.