The Most Unique Men’s Diamond Watches

Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, but also a man’s, and these sparkling gems can be used to imitate sculpture, art, and more – even in fashion replica watches.

In a world where women are often associated with wearing diamonds and gemstones, we tend to forget that these gemstones can also appeal to men, especially when they are set in a timepiece. Some of today’s top men’s diamond watches sparkle anywhere from scattered diamonds to massive diamonds—often set in unusual patterns.

Diamonds are currently considered to be the hardest stones on earth. They are made at high temperatures and pressures deep in the Earth’s crust over the course of thousands of years. They start out as carbon, combine and form crystals full of carbon atoms. While most diamonds are white (sometimes called colorless diamonds), their rarer siblings include fancy colored diamonds like yellow, blue and pink. Diamonds are graded and priced according to the 4Cs – color, clarity, clarity and carat weight. wholesale replica watches

Even in luxury diamond watches for men, these 4 Cs come into play, as the best brands want to let as much light shine through the diamond as possible. Watch brands will usually state the color and clarity of the gemstone, or will mention the use of a Top Wesselton diamond, one of the whitest gemstones, usually they use a VVS or VS clarity – which means the gemstone’s inclusion Very few things. Here, we take a look at five of the most unique men’s diamond watches.

Ulysse Nardin Sparkling Blast
Recently, Swiss watch brand Ulysse Nardin launched a new Blast collection of watches, in which the geometry of the watches plays on the brand’s famous rounded rectangle (Executive collection) and adds a central X structure to the watch. Blast is available in rose gold and colorful DLC pieces. The Blast watch has a skeletonized automatic tourbillon movement. Now, Ulysse Nardin has taken Blast a step further with the highly unusual Sparkling Blast diamond watch, which is meticulously set with geometric diamonds in a mesmerizing pattern. Only three pieces are made, each decorated with 211 diamonds on the case, bezel, crown and hands. All in all, this 45mm watch comes with a white rubber strap and boasts 13 carats of diamonds.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Superbia
The world premiere of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Superbia, unveiled recently at the Shanghai Watch Fair, blends diamonds and sapphires in a stunning raised setting that makes this watch unique. To create a one-of-a-kind men’s diamond watch, Roger Dubuis teamed up with interior designer Kaz Shirane to create a diamond setting that creates an unpatterned pattern. The brand takes tetrahedron (triangle) cut diamonds and sets them on the watch at different angles, so no set of gemstone settings are the same. More than 600 diamonds and sapphires are set on the case, bezel, lugs and crown. Even the inner star bridge is inlaid with gems. The watch is equipped with a new high-tech movement with a double flying tourbillon. It takes about 900 hours to set the case sides and another 420 hours to set the case top and bezel. Watches are unique.

Jacob & Co. Palatial Opera Flying Tourbillon
When Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co decides he’s going to show off a watch, he’ll go all the way. In fact, the jeweler is known for creating some of the most dynamic and daring men’s diamond watches that attract celebrities, rappers and gem lovers from around the world. Known for their incredible 3D Astronomia watches, Jacob & Co. also regularly creates fine jewelry masterpieces for the wrist. This Royal Opera Flying Tourbillon is entirely gem-set and is designed to resemble an amphitheatre. Versions include all diamonds, diamonds and rubies, or diamonds and sapphires. In this ruby ​​and diamond version, the watch is set with 142 baguette-cut white diamonds (13.2 ct) and the bezel is set with 50 baguette-cut rubies (8.92 ct). Diamonds and rubies also adorn the crown. Powered by a hand-wound movement, this 47mm watch offers an impressive 100-hour power reserve.

Graff GyroGraff Endangered Species
This remarkable 48mm white gold GyroGraff watch subtly combines haute horlogerie with exceptional diamond setting. The Graff House has long been known for sourcing some of the most important diamonds and is an extraordinary professional jeweler. Over the past decade or so, the brand has combined these diamond skills with its watchmaking excellence to create extraordinary timepieces. This GyroGraff endangered species polar bear has a mechanical movement with a precise 3D moon phase indicator (created by hand-engraving an image of the lunar surface on a disk) and a dual-axis tourbillon (to compensate for the effects of gravity on the watch) timing error due to the influence of ) it is located somewhere on the wrist). The Métiers d’Arts dial features an aventurine background, framing the bear’s face in gold and diamond-encrusted gold. This exceptional men’s diamond watch also embodies one’s commitment to the planet.

Hublot Sang Bleu II Titanium Blue Pavé
Swiss watch brand Hublot often uses earth diamonds to adorn its watches. Sometimes it uses more diamonds than others, but diamonds seem to work wonders on the Sang Bleu II watch. Designed by Maxime Buchi of Sang Bleu, this watch features so many angles and geometric patterns, the diamonds sparkle from all directions, creating an extremely eye-catching look. The satin-finished and polished titanium case is set with 172 diamonds and the bezel is set with an additional 48 diamonds. The watch is powered by a self-winding movement made by HUB1240 UNICO, a column-wheel chronograph with flyback. It offers 72 hours of power reserve. For added versatility, Hublot offers the Sang Bleu II Titanium Blue Pavé with a black and blue rubber strap. In this way, the watch has a sporty or casual feel, or a more elegant dress look.