Corum Golden Bridge Collection: Basic Facts and Best Models

First launched in 1980, the Golden Bridge luxury watch features a unique rectangular movement and remains the flagship of Corum’s complex timepieces. Another important feature that turns this watch into an advanced chronograph is its mechanism in the center of a transparent case covered with sapphire glass. In 2009, Corum demystified a new and exclusive movement that it designed and assembled. Inspired by the legendary Golden Bridge movement, the CO 007 movement is a new manifestation of the original concept. Its shape is easily recognizable, but the dimensions, details and specifications are quite different.

In 2010, Corum celebrated the 30th anniversary of the legendary Golden Bridge movement. This time, the mechanism is equipped with a stunning complication – the world’s smallest silicon descending tourbillon. A year later, the Corum Bridge luxury watch collection has undergone a major transformation, and the first model equipped with a linear automatic winding mechanism, the Golden Bridge Automatic, is launched. replica swiss watches online

In 2012, the Golden Bridge collection received more elegant features and ushered in a new sophisticated timepiece, the Golden Bridge Panoramique. The transparent facets of the sapphire glass allow a view of the platinum and bridges, as if floating in the air. In the same year, the first automatic model of the Ti-Bridge product line was launched. Completely developed and patented by Corum, the winding system of the CO 207 automatic movement draws energy from two interconnected linear rotors, opening a new chapter in the history of high-end watchmaking.

Corum Golden Bridge Stream Bridge 18k rose gold B313/03296 313.100.55/OF02 SB01R

Representing one of the latest generations of the Corum Golden Bridge Collection, this incredibly high-end watch is crafted from precious materials such as 18-karat rose gold and genuine alligator leather. Inside a rectangular (31mm x 42mm) transparent case with a skeletonized caseback and solid gold bezel, there is a steampunk-style analog dial with non-digital hour markers. Equipped with a Swiss-made self-winding self-winding movement, this Golden Bridge model is water-resistant to 50 meters. You can buy this incredible timepiece from Corum in brand new condition on our website.

Corum Golden Bridge Round 18k Rose Gold Manual Winding Men’s Watch B113/03010

Another model in the Golden Bridge series has a circular design and has a corresponding name – Golden Bridge Circle. It’s also crafted from gorgeous 18-karat rose gold and brown alligator leather. Inside a 43mm transparent skeleton case with a gold-tone bezel and sapphire crystal caseback, there is an analog skeleton dial with non-digital hour markers. This high-end watch is dressed in formal style and is powered by a Swiss mechanical hand-wound movement. It also offers 50 meters of watertightness and is also in brand new condition on the Midtown Watch.

Corum Golden Bridge 18k Rose Gold Manual Winding Men’s Watch B113/03044

Another rectangular high-end watch in the Corum Golden Bridge line is the Ref. B113/03044. Like its predecessors, this one is crafted in precious 18-karat rose gold and brown alligator leather. Its matte skeletonized case (42mm x 29mm) with a transparent back includes a 12-hour dial with gold Roman numerals. This remarkable timepiece is equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement and is executed in formal style. Its impermeability rating is 50 meters. This unusual timing mechanism is also displayed on our website in brand new and perfect condition.