Chanel J12 Diamond Tourbillon Watch

Because of CHANEL’s fifth self-made movement, Caliber 5, the operation of the tourbillon begins to shine|J12 Diamond Tourbillon Watch

It’s a dizzying hypnosis; a minute-by-minute rotation, the 65 facets shimmer in a never-ending throbbing of diamond fire. This is the magnificent movement performed by CHANEL’s fifth self-made movement, the Caliber 5. It sings the value of time. It uses diamond light to draw a trajectory for the abstract time flow. It brings a flying tourbillon. The innovative work of diamonds – the J12 diamond tourbillon watch, combines the love of Ms. Chanel for diamonds with the whims of cheap CHANEL for watchmaking.

The J12 Diamond Tourbillon watch is not CHANEL’s first tourbillon watch, but it is the first tourbillon watch equipped with a self-made movement, and the movement is boldly inlaid with diamonds, “The new Caliber 5 is a flying tourbillon. The flywheel movement is also CHANEL’s fifth self-made movement. Conceived and designed by the Paris studio, and then produced and assembled by the CHANEL watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. I hope to give the J12 wrist with diamonds Innovative interpretation of the watch, a single diamond is set in the center of the tourbillon frame, which rotates with the rhythm of the movement, making the flow of time more precious and focused.” Arnaud Chastaingt, Director of CHANEL Watch Creative Studio, explained the reason for launching this work s reason.

“Diamonds are Madame Chanel’s favorite gemstone, and the J12 replica watch is my creative muse, so I’m going to dedicate a beautiful diamond to it. Moreover, this diamond does not stand still, but rotates incessantly. The gesture creates an immersive effect.” The diamond Arnaud Chastaingt said is installed in the center of the tourbillon cage, and it is a unique diamond specially made for this watch, with a special cut , has 65 facets and weighs 0.18 carats, which is extraordinarily shining; the tourbillon frame set with 26 diamonds is like a diamond halo created to contrast this single diamond, with two bright lights inside and outside.

The tourbillon is an extraordinarily delicate and complex device, and any difference in conditions will cause a huge loss, not to mention setting a 0.18-carat diamond on the tourbillon, which will inevitably affect the rotational inertia of the tourbillon. Trying to put the diamond on the tourbillon was the core challenge of developing this movement, and the flying tourbillon was a more ideal technical choice. downforce from a diamond. In order to turn the most imaginative concept into reality, the CHANEL Manufacture team broke through many technical limitations to achieve this challenge, allowing the operation of the tourbillon to shine.

“I’ve always longed to combine a diamond of this size with a tourbillon. Although it was a big technical challenge, the Chanel Manufacture still delivered a beautiful piece.” Arnaud Chastaingt proudly shares the CHANEL watchmaking team’s technology of turning fantasy into reality strength. After three years of research and development, the Caliber 5 flying tourbillon movement composed of 172 parts not only overcomes technical difficulties, but also shows the beauty of the brand’s style. “The watch movement structure is composed of multiple circular bridges. And it’s also black. The finely crafted chamfers and movement finish complement the brilliance of diamonds, as well as the tourbillon cage and hands.”

The dial is laid out with a clearly structured circular geometric outline, and the circular tourbillon cage set with diamonds contrasts with the single diamond suspended in its center; the light flying tourbillon, the mechanical structure is like lace at a glance. Whether from the front or the back, you can appreciate the charm of the Caliber 5 movement. The birth of the J12 diamond tourbillon watch symbolizes CHANEL’s autonomy in watchmaking creativity, and inherits its consistent watchmaking style. While showing complex functions, it still maintains simplicity.

The J12 Diamond Tourbillon is presented in two styles, each limited to 55 pieces. Black glossy high-wear ceramic with 18K white gold version, 18K white gold fixed bezel set with baguette-cut diamonds; black matte high-wear ceramic with black-coated stainless steel version, black-coated stainless steel bezel set with baguette-cut black Matte high wear resistant ceramic.

The black skeletonized dials of the two new models have a matte finish, setting the ideal stage for the diamond tourbillon at six o’clock to shine. The hour and minute hands are all diamond-encrusted designs, traversing the minute track with a gorgeous gesture. The words “CALIBER 5・TOURBILLON” are arranged in an arc, and lightly fall on the edge of the dial between 3 o’clock and 5 o’clock like a smile, pointing out the technical core and proud inner nature of this watch. The crown is set with a brilliant-cut diamond weighing about 0.15 carats. Even if you look at this watch from different angles, you will be attracted by its dazzling brilliance.

Just like the CHANEL self-made high-end movement released in the past, the surface of this hand-wound movement is carefully treated in accordance with traditional high-end watchmaking techniques, continuing its consistent style, showing a contemporary aesthetic with a particularly simple structure; the whole is a matte black finish. The unique appearance is presented, and it is marked with the lion head mark that symbolizes CHANEL’s pride in the field of high-end watchmaking, showing its watchmaking attainments. copy watches for sale