“The Most Beautiful World Time” Review

Since the birth of the world time function of the fake watches for sale, it has been sought after by business travelers and watch enthusiasts due to its high practical value and visual enjoyment brought by aesthetic design. On the small dial, all the time information from all over the world can be displayed, and the feeling of “the world is under control” is amazing. Among the luxury watches, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Athens and other brands have launched World Time watches, which have different styles and show their own characteristics. Let’s take a look at these products, who is expected to win the crown of “the most beautiful world watch”.

Patek Philippe fake
When it comes to world time watches, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is Patek Philippe. The brand is worthy of the title of “watch king” with its classical and extreme design. The brand’s complication timepiece series has a variety of world time watches, and among them, the 5130R rose gold model that has received the most “likes” by watch fans. It uses a diameter of 39.5 mm, which is an ideal size for a dress watch. The names of the main cities in each time zone are clearly marked around the dial, and with the rotation of the indicator dial, the daytime changes of each city can be seen at a glance. As the successor of the 5130R, the 5230R adjusts the diameter of the watch to 38.5 mm, and the overall look is more refined.

The Patek Philippe Cal.240 HU movement is a self-winding movement that adds a world time function to the classic Cal.240 movement, but like other Patek Philippe world time watches, it does not have a second hand setting. On the movement, the brand’s unique “Double P” mark is clearly visible, and the details stand up to scrutiny.

In addition, the elements on the 5231J Grand Feu cloisonné enamel dial continue the design essence of the Patek Philippe World Time watch. The painted continent pattern in the center of the dial better interprets the World Time theme. As a “collectible” watch, players who can own it are definitely a manifestation of strength.

Vacheron Constantin fake

The Vacheron Constantin heritage series TRADITIONNELLE world time watch also has a good performance. This product, model P86060, marks the main cities in each time zone in the form of surrounding text. The biggest feature is the three-dimensional northern hemisphere relief in the middle of the dial. Luxurious.

The watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin Cal.2460WT self-winding movement. Unlike the Patek Philippe Cal.240 HU movement, it has a second hand function and is engraved with the Geneva Seal on the movement. In other details, the iconic Maltese cross crown and clasp fully demonstrate the characteristic elements of the brand.

In addition to the inheritance series, the Across the World series, which is currently rising all the way, also has a world time function watch. The model 7700V adopts a dial design similar to that of the P86060, and replaces the pointer and other details with elements that are more in line with the Four Seas series, and it also has a certain popularity.

Breguet fake

Breguet also plays a pivotal role in high-end luxury brands. In 2022, Breguet launched the nautical series 5557 Hora Mundi world time watch. On the gold base plate, the hand-engraved flower craftsmanship creates a huge earth shape, and the blue “wave” decoration implies a subtle connection with navigation. The latitude and longitude network and the continental plate are suspended above the chassis, which is very layered.

Compared with common world time watches, the dial design of the Breguet Hora Mundi is very simple, but it can fully display the time, date and day and night of the hometown and travel places. Thanks to the Cal.77F1 movement, which has a number of patents and is equipped with an instantaneous time zone jump function, the watch can switch time zones with one button.

Ulysse Nardin fake

Also in 2022, Ulysse Nardin launched the new Blast month’s fantasy world watch. As the sequel to master watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin’s “Astronomy Trilogy”, this new Blast series faithfully reproduces the sun’s orbit and the sun’s trajectory from the perspective of the earth in a modern and intuitive display. Moon phase cycle.

The fixed outer ring of the dial is marked with the names of the cities representing the 24 time zones. The watch is equipped with an ingenious patented dual-time-zone quick-adjustment device, which can adjust the time zone forward or backward by simply pressing the two rectangular buttons on the left side of the case. In addition, the Blast Moon Rhapsody watch also has a precision moon phase complication. The moon logo on the dial can display the bright side of the moon facing the sun in real time, making the dial more vivid. In terms of movement, the brand’s self-produced UN-106 self-winding movement uses silicon escapement and silicon hairspring, with a power reserve of 50 hours.

The above world time fake luxury watches are all remarkable in terms of design. So who is the title of “the most beautiful world watch” in your mind?