Today I will introduce to you a Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR SPIDER series HURACÁN calf watch. This watch is different from the innovative materials commonly used in this series, such as titanium metal, ceramics and carbon fiber. It uses rose gold and titanium alloys. , adding a luxury style to this series of watches with the design theme of Lamborghini HURACÁN. After seeing the real thing, I also feel that the traditional precious metal of rose gold is different from the cutting-edge watchmaking of the calf watch. The style is unexpected, so let’s take a look at the real pictures.

The watch was launched in 2019, in the second year of Roger Dubuis’ collaboration with two automotive partners, Lamborghini Squadra Corse, Lamborghini Motorsports, and tire manufacturer Pirelli. Taking the opportunity to participate in the Geneva International Motor Show in 2019, we jointly launched four new sports car-style works that were not independent from the Excalibur King series at that time, three calfs, one blue, one red and one gold, and a red Pirelli. Skeleton automatic winding, each with its own characteristics.

Although this watch is called PINK GOLD in terms of material, it is not all gold. It is a combination of titanium and rose gold. The main round shell of the watch is titanium, and the outer layer is hollowed out, including the iconic three-chamber. The frames of the lugs are all rose gold, and the brushed and edge edges on the case are polished and polished. The calf’s 45mm watch diameter is already highly recognizable, and this version is more conspicuous when you get started with the precious metal luster.

However, rose gold is heavier than those innovative materials in terms of wearing feeling, but also because of the titanium metal, it is only a little heavier and will not affect daily wear. The Huracán rim nut-shaped crown on the replica watches on sale side is engraved with the brand RJ logo on the top.

Mavericks’ iconic hollow-out plate design, full of Huracán model elements, RD just wants you to look at the watch and immediately think of the car, just like looking at the engine through the transparent engine compartment of a supercar. The two eye-catching symmetrical shapes in the middle are taken from the front air intake grille of the previous model of Huracán. The current EVO is not this shape. There is also a difference between the Mavericks models. The honeycomb mesh structure is only brought in the special edition, such as the LPL cooperation model that I introduced to you before, and there are also some track versions of the Mavericks performante and sto. The central X-shaped movement bridge is derived from the connecting rod design of the V10 engine compartment.

The hexagonal window with the 12-degree inclined balance wheel above is taken from the Huracán instrument. The RD is the inclined balance wheel. I have always understood that it is for a better look and can see the whole operation of the balance wheel. Another one is unique, after all, I love to make inclined pendulums. Wheel watch brands are counted by one hand, except for RD, most of the rest are also independent watchmakers. The central position of the lower double barrel is the date display window, and the font is also Lamborghini’s instrument digital font.

A lot of rose gold is also used on the disk as the main body or details, such as the lower disk rim, connecting rod shape, grille, and splint, and they are all brushed. In terms of color matching theme, this watch is combined with a titanium 60 digital pit bezel to make a very advanced gray-gold tone.

However, I have also talked to you about the luminous problem of Mavericks before. Only the diamond-shaped end of the pointer and the round hour markers are filled with white SLN luminous paint, and the luminous effect can only be said to be enough. RD has also launched a style that includes hour markers, connecting rods, bezels, and straps all coated with luminous. I hope that in future styles, it will be better to have full luminous as standard, after all, no one will dislike it. Your own calf is even more dazzling. replica watches luxury

The special shape of the RD630 self-winding movement can be clearly seen from the back transparent design. The automatic rotor is designed as a Huracán multi-spoke wheel hub, and the lower main plate is a brake disc shape. The combination of the two restores a Huracán wheel and the movement bridge. The plates are also sandblasted and calibrated with a NAC coating, composed of 233 parts, with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, a double barrel with a full chain providing 60 hours of dynamic storage, and a water resistance of 50 meters.

The watch is equipped with a black inner rubber strap, and the outer side is gray with Alcantara® inlays. Alcantara® Alcantara is also the interior material of Lamborghini. The watch has a quick release system at the lugs. Once unplugged and plugged in, its convenience and smoothness are among the best in the quick release design.

No matter Mavericks, Kings racing series EXCALIBUR SPIDER, in fact, the Lamborghini sports car genes are reflected everywhere, but this precious metal version, especially in the use of rose gold, makes the appearance design, from the original special publicity and recognizable sports car Elements, which are compatible with half of the luxury style at once, with unexpected collocations.