Admiral of Corum and Solar Baguette of Jacob & Co.

An in-depth look at the surprising new additions to the Corum Admiral collection and Jacob & Co.’s unforgettable Dragon and Tiger watches.

I’ve always been a fan of nautical themed sports watches because of their functionality, sturdiness and total versatility. Then, when my thoughts caught my eye in 2021, Corum unveiled a new addition to its famous Admiral collection – the amazing Admiral 45 Automatic Openworked Flying Tourbillon Carbon & Gold. More than six years ago, the Swiss brand Corum created a collection derived from the great sailing competition. Of course, the Admiral has gone through several iterations and changes since then until it has become what it is today. Known for its instantly recognizable dodecagon-shaped bezel and colorful nautical pennants on the periphery of the dial, the Admiral is a popular and famous sports watch, a true icon.

Now, lo and behold, Corum has given us a new Admiral with many wonderful improvements that continue to delight fans and viewers alike. Wearing it is essentially proclaiming one’s love of open water and sea breezes. It can be said to be a breath of fresh air! What impresses me is the highlight of this watch – its case. The outer structure of the watch is made of ultra-light carbon layers interspersed with golden shimmers. These structures make each case and each watch unique. Making this Admiral watch a classic watch trophy showcases not only tradition and watchmaking techniques, but also the creative use of cutting-edge materials. As a bonus, we can indulge in a little extravagance without being too ostentatious.

Speaking of luxury, this already successful showpiece is equipped with Corum’s own automatic flying tourbillon movement, the CO 298. Made in-house by Corum, it beats at an accurate and captivating 3Hz. The movement is skeletonized and its delicate components, including the bridges and tourbillon, can be seen from the front and back of the watch. I take back when I said the watch wasn’t too fancy – this is truly a masterpiece of a sports watch! Luck is on my side and maybe, just maybe, I can get one of the 48 this Admiral 45 Automatic Openworked Flying Tourbillon Carbon & Gold makes.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Baguette Dragon and Tiger
Just when you thought you couldn’t get past the Admiral, Jacob & Co. is here! The brand has made a name for itself in the horological world, including its bold and luxurious timepieces, not just watches set with precious gems, without any sense of creativity and purpose. The astronomical artwork the company has released over the past few years, namely phoenixes, dragons, spiders, octopuses, horses, tigers and even world cities, tells me that Jacob & Co. is more than just grandiose watch stratospheric pricing. In fact, while the original version came with a few bricks, the consistency and undisputed workmanship left me in awe of their creativity.

This 2021 release is a good example. This time, Jacob & Co. tackled two beasts that symbolize strength and power—the dragon and the tiger. In fact, for many cultures around the world, there is no greater celebration of power and domination than these two terrifying creatures!

Astronomia Solar Baguette Dragon and Tiger has successfully combined three different arts and craftsmanship into one unforgettable timepiece. Proud of the extremely difficult genres of Haute Horlogerie, High Jewellery and Miniature Sculpture. Bringing it all together​​, what the world sees is the watch’s incredible sapphire crystal case. I could pick up the watch and look at it from every angle, but still couldn’t spot all the fancy details it contained.

If you’re familiar with Jacob & Co., then you know that the brand’s raison d’être is to create luxurious pieces of horological art to continually delight and captivate. I was fascinated by every little detail while puzzled by their beautiful execution – from the hypnotic flying tourbillon cage to the lacquered globe. These are the supporting elements of the watch’s real highlight – the hand-engraved and hand-painted statues of dragons and tigers that appear to be vying for each other’s dominance. Frozen in battle, these miniatures stare intently at you through clear sapphire crystal. It may not be easy to stare at a watch, the heart of which is undoubtedly the sparkle of a two-carat, 288-faceted Jacob-cut yellow sapphire.

Ultimately, the presence of a mythical creature (dragon) combined with the tangible aura of a big cat (tiger) makes this bold statement piece worthy of a strong and confident personality and suitable for a special occasion celebrating a huge milestone. Life. I’m not sure if I can achieve the former, but for an important occasion I might be able to justify owning such a discount fake watches somehow. Again, I need to find one first. After all, the amazing Astronomia Solar Baguette Dragon and Tiger is unique and I need to be able to afford it first. I don’t think I’ll have enough organs to do it…