Jacob & Co – The Method Behind the Madness

One of the most striking watches on display at Baselworld 2018 was the creation of Jacob & Co. The super-complex Twin Turbo Furious is a beast of a watch, featuring a crazy, astonishing combination of complications: dual high-speed triple-axis tourbillons; a decimal minute repeater; and a monopusher chronograph with reference time indication! For some, it was a surprise to discover that the most complicated watch in Baselworld was the creation of “Jacobs the Jeweler”, for others who have been following the brand, the Twin Turbo Furious is a spectacular, breathtaking The epitome of an incredibly complicated watch. Brands are capable of producing.

Jacob Arabo, founder and chairman of Jacob & Co., has a talent for acting. With his background and experience in photography and jewelry design, he developed a truly unique vision for watchmaking – to say the least – in terms of aesthetics and technology. There is no doubt that Jacob & Co. watches are top-of-the-line spectaculars, and the design of these statement pieces can be polarizing. But Jacob brought something unique and fascinating to the watch industry. This is especially true given the conservative strategy employed by many watch brands over the past few years. You need people to venture beyond the mainstream.

Jacob opened his jewelry company in New York in the 1980s and quickly gained a reputation among celebrities. He started making watches in 2002 and became known for his diamond-encrusted men’s watches before branching out into more technical fields. If you can combine technology with creativity, you can gain traction.

The first milestone recorded by the brand’s mechanical watch was the Quenttin in 2006. It was developed together with the BNB Concept, a specialist in high-end mechanical movements founded by Mr. Buttet, Navas and Barbasini. This innovative timepiece features a vertical movement with a transverse tourbillon. It also comes with an impressive 31-day power reserve, stored in 7 barrels. discount replica watches

In 2012, Jacob & Co. opened its headquarters in Switzerland, one of the major steps in the development of the company’s watch business. The brand now has two headquarters: one in New York City, dedicated to jewelry, and one in the heart of Geneva’s Watch Valley, dedicated to watchmaking. There, on the outskirts of Plan-les-Ouates, the brand develops its watches. Assembly and final quality control of the watch takes place in-house. Jacob & Co. also works with several long-term Swiss partners.

Luca Soprana is the co-founder of Les Ateliers 7H38, a watch/movement design and development company based near Neuchatel and one of Jacob Arabo’s main partners on watch projects. Soprana developed Astronomia and Epic SF24 (see below). He also serves as a consultant for other projects. He told Monochrome, “Jacob knows what he wants, he’s always looking for something aesthetically different and pushing you to find new solutions. Every time we start a new development, it’s never about being safe. You have to Get ready to explore the boundaries beyond traditional mechanical watchmaking. Since the end of the Opus collection, I can’t think of anything creative in high-end mechanical watchmaking.” Twin Turbo Furious

Just a year after the Swiss entity opened its doors, Jacob has launched the Epic SF24, a unique travel watch that is high-tech, functional and playful. The watch can check the time in 24 time zones displayed on a split flap, reminiscent of the boards once used at airports or train stations. A pusher on the side of the case scrolls through the different cities one by one.

In 2014, the launch of the first planetarium caused a stir at Baselworld. The planetarium poetically depicts the celestial world, with planetary indicators in constant motion under the control of a three-axis tourbillon (including a 288-faceted Jacob-cut spherical diamond). One of the main technical challenges was to power and balance the mobile device perfectly at the ends of the four arms. It requires the use of ultra-light magnesium to make a globe against a one-carat diamond. The tourbillon itself needs to be balanced. This mechanical miniature is protected by an impressive high-dome sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Since then, Astronomia has seen several evolutions, including the Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus or Astronomia Sky with the addition of a unique 3D star display under a four-arm mechanism.

The collection of watches built over the years is impressive. Of these, even more noteworthy is the Opera Godfather Edition, which combines a three-axis tourbillon, a music mechanism that plays the Godfather theme, and a miniature Don Vito Corleone at its center! best replica watches