A Closer Look at the U-Boat Classico U-1001

While most copy U-Boat sales are for basic Classicos and Flightdeck chronos, I’ve found that Italo Fontana (founder and designer of U-Boat) can really flex his design muscles with offbeat pieces like the U-1001 . As with most U-Boat watches, the U-1001 isn’t for everyone, but for some it’s perfect. This is a large watch with a knack for attracting attention. While it’s definitely a fashion accessory, it has excellent quality and all the features of a high-end dive watch.

We first notice the size of the U-1001. Case diameter is 55mm excluding crown. Since the case is made entirely of titanium, it weighs less. The crown system of the U-1001 is more complicated and striking than other models in the Classico series. The grip teeth are deeper, and the hinges are held in place with solid titanium screws. The pushrod-like part protruding through the hinge is the pressure relief valve, allowing the case to withstand pressures in excess of 100 ATM, or the pressures that exist in water at depths of 1000 meters. As with all Classicos, the sapphire crystal is raised above the bezel and is very thick, as it is also crucial to achieving the U-1001’s higher water resistance rating.

The style of U-1001 is mainly determined by the dial. The simple dial shows multiple layers. The matte black dial is engraved with hour markers and numerals from four o’clock to eleven o’clock, revealing the photoluminescent colored layer underneath. Available with beige, blue or orange markers. The U-1001 logo is etched in titanium and applied to the dial. The special smoked color of titanium and sandblasted finish complements the minimalist military design of Italo Fontana. cheap watches for sale

The size of the watch is clearly visible on the wearer’s wrist. Matt wears the U-1001 on his wrist, which averages about 7.5 inches. The way the lugs are curved gives the rubber strap a balanced round shape. Thanks to this, the watch doesn’t look bulky and fits comfortably on all wrist sizes.

The U-Boat Classico U-1001 is a tough and durable dive watch that follows the iconic design philosophy of Italo Fontana. So it’s cool, it’s big, it’s strong, and it’s also light. Each color of the U-1001 will be produced in limited quantities and come in a remarkable presentation box.