Jacob Co. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone

Jacob & Co.’s “The World Is Yours” Dual Time Watch is a tribute to the Alabov family heirloom

The new Jacob & Co. Dual Time pays homage to a special watch that tells a story of fatherly love.

The story that Jacob & Co. tells us today is one of inspiration, heritage and craftsmanship, revolving around the timepieces that ignite an enduring legacy. This is the chronicle of ‘The World Is Yours’ Dual Time, the iconic Jacob & Co. timepiece that pays homage to a family heirloom and ignites a lineage of extraordinary timepieces.

In essence, the World Is Yours Dual Time Zone is more than a watch; it is a wristwatch. It’s a tribute to a pivotal moment in the life of Jacob & Co. founder Jacob Arabo. The story begins in Tachkent, Uzbekistan, a place of great significance to the origins of the Arabov family. For young Jacob Arabo, on one particular day, he found himself in the midst of a brief exchange between his 13-year-old self and his father Neeson Araboff, who sent He is a timepiece that silently condenses emotion and commitment. This once famous Wakmann masterpiece with two time zones became a beacon for Jacob’s future career and laid the foundation for the creation of Jacob & Co.

“The world is yours” dual time zone
The “The World Is Yours” Dual Time Watch pays homage to this defining moment, expressing the language of passion, heritage and family ties. Jacobarabo’s design philosophy has always been deeply rooted in a personal narrative, and this watch is a testament to that spirit. Therefore, this Shopping luxury watch embodies his respect, gratitude and love for his father, Mr. Neeson Arapov.

“The World Is Yours” Dual Time is the first watch in the new The World Is Yours collection. Against a blue lacquered dial, the two sub-dials (at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock) are in 18K rose gold with European and American engravings. The design echoes the original watch Jacob Arabo received from his father. The curvature of the dial is reminiscent of the earth, adding a layer of complexity that brings to life the symbolism of the watch. Set beneath a highly domed sapphire crystal, the watch echoes the earth’s topography, with its highlands and depressions meticulously etched. The rose gold caseback shows the rest of the world – Europe and all of Asia.

The piece is powered by Jacob & Co.’s new self-winding JCAA11 movement. This movement (with a power reserve of up to 42 hours) enables the watch to display two time zones, each of which can be freely set using the crown to the minute to accommodate unique UTC offsets, such as those in India.

The name of the watch is to pay tribute to Jacob’s father, Mr. Nissen Arapov, “who gave them the true north in their lives”. Center stage on the lacquered canvas is therefore a compass that acts as a small seconds hand.

From Tucker Kent’s defining moment to creating the ‘The World Is Yours’ dual time zone watch, Jacob Arabo’s journey is a tribute to his father’s legacy, inscribed with values of determination, inspiration and a desire to explore. This watch is a beacon of this tradition, carrying not only time, but also the stories, dreams and infinite horizons that time carries. Discount luxury watch

Technical specifications: “The world is yours” dual time zone
Movement: Jacob & Co. Automatic JCAA11; 42-hour power reserve
Functions: hours and minutes, dual time zone, central small seconds
Case: 43 mm; 18K rose gold; water-resistant to 30m
Dial: blue lacquered dial with continents printed on rose gold finish; compass in center; rose gold-plated hands; hand mounted, inclined at 12°
Strap: Blue alligator leather; 18K rose gold pin buckle