2023 New Watch URWERK UR-120 Space Black ALL BLACK Philosophy Inspiring Unlimited Imagination

URWERK, which has established a reputation for roaming time display, has launched a new product UR-120 Space Black, focusing on several key points: Inspired by interstellar space, eye-catching contemporary aesthetics, large-size titanium case material that maintains comfortable wearing performance. As the name suggests, the UR-120 Space Black watch condenses the deep and mysterious black space into the watch. From the irregular case to the layered dial, all black is the concept, which strengthens the appeal of the watch’s lines and outlines, as if A black hole attracts all eyes. replica watch Review

The watch is equipped with UR-20.01 automatic movement. The main structure is the central carrousel and the three rotating heads on it. Each rotating head has an hour number on each side. When the rotating head moves to the 60-minute position, it advances to the left side of the dial. It will transform gorgeously, bifurcate into two cuboids into a V shape, rotate vertically along their respective axes and then recombine to form another hour number. This extremely complex structure involves three levels of rotation. The central carrousel rotates clockwise on the central axis, and the three satellite rotors rotate in opposite directions at the same time, so that the hour numbers are kept in parallel arrangement for easy reading, and the V-shaped bifurcation will rotate along its own axis. The satellite rotor part has involved more than 175 parts. URWERK presents the current time with a rather complicated structure, but it is quite easy for the watch owner to read the time. Just look at the luminous Arabic numerals and white luminous arrows on the front of the dial on the right. The minute scale referred to can intuitively judge the current time.

UR-120 Space Black watch
Diameter 47×44 mm black diamond-like carbon coating and silicon-coated titanium case, stainless steel bezel/time indication/UR-20.01 automatic movement, energy storage 48 hours/water resistance 30 meters.

The three aircrafts are like the aircraft in a sci-fi movie. With the continuous revolution and rotation rhythm of time, the mysterious world of the mechanical watch is brought into full play. As the name suggests, the watch looks like a black outer space. It is the Roman Colosseum, where three fighters in battle uniforms are ready to go. A watch can inspire different imaginations. This is also the watchmaking concept that URWERK has been adhering to since its establishment.

The current time is presented in a rather complicated structure, but it is quite easy to read the time. Just look at the Arabic numerals on the right side of the dial and the minute scale pointed by the arrow, and you can intuitively judge the current time. fashion watches wholesale

UR-120 Space Black is equipped with an innovative version of the satellite rotor system. The hour rotor is connected to the pointer and installed on the sun gear. When the hour rotor is running, it will branch into a V shape, rotate along its own axis, and then recombine.

UR-120 Space Black is made of titanium material, which has become more and more popular recently. The light and wear-resistant case allows the watch to be worn in the hands, reflecting the practical performance of the watch. In addition to watch trends, create a dark and stylish avant-garde aircraft.

The Arabic numerals on the rotating head and the minute scale on the right side of the dial are equipped with luminous coating, which has high reading performance no matter day or night, and also allows the watch to show a unique satellite time display design in the dark.