Rolex Predictions 2023: Our 5 New Items

After watching some of the Rolex predictions released by some of the major watch publications over the years, I think it’s time we made our own predictions for this year (March 2023) in order to accurately and on-time release of new products. I think, as a Rolex collector, enthusiast and obsessive, I am relatively qualified to put my finger on some Rolex predictions, or should we say – “promising releases”. luxury swiss watches

I would stick with some of the more popular professional watch lines in the Rolex catalog, such as the Cosmograph Daytona, Submariner, and Explorer. This will be an interesting list, based on my research into Rolex history, trying to predict what will happen in the near future. Some of what we present here will be calculated guesses with a dash of hope and a dash of industry rumor. Sit back and enjoy what many of us Rolex collectors consider one of the most exciting times of the year!

Cosmograph Daytona Hulktona
As many of you have heard, 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the Rolex Daytona. This is big news considering the Daytona is widely regarded as the most coveted and desired watch Rolex has ever produced. The Daytona is a watch that is more faithful to the original than almost any other Rolex sports watch. Many of these have undergone major transformations in case size, shape and dial reconfiguration. Examples include the Submariner’s oversized case and large dial, as well as the size jump from the classic 40mm to 41mm. At the same time, the Daytona maintains the classic size case shape of 40 mm, very slim lugs, and the small changes on the dial are mainly text. On the 60th anniversary, will that change? We think this is very likely.

GMT Master II Root Beer Anniversary
Ever since Rolex reintroduced the GMT Master II Rootbeer into their lineup, I’ve been intrigued by it. It’s probably the only two-tone Rolex watch that appeals to me, but even so, I feel like it’s missing some subtle tweaks. After talking to other Rolex collectors, I began to realize that these small tweaks were not only what I wanted, but what many others wanted. Hopefully Rolex will listen and release what we’ve been asking for this year. fashion watch sale

I think we could see a GMT Master II Rootbeer, two-tone, Jubilee bracelet, with a slimmer case and an increased size of 41mm, similar to the 124060 Submariner. So the watch is essentially the same as the current model, but with a Jubilee bracelet and a slimmer, streamlined case and lugs. You could also consider this new release prediction to be a more accurate re-release of the original Rootbeer released in 1963, without the nipple indices and brown dial, or more accurately similar to the vintage Ref. 126711.

Our prediction: a two-tone GMT Master II Rootbeer with a slim case and anniversary bracelet.

Rolex Explorer II Polar 40mm
This is one we’ve been wanting for years, the 40mm version of the Explorer II. The current 42mm size is considered a large watch and is too big for many of us with wrist sizes between 6 inches and 7 inches, which is generally considered a common range for wrist sizes. Those actively seeking to purchase the current Explorer II have average to above average wrist sizes.

I think it’s time for Rolex to make this model more accessible to those of us with smaller wrists, and I think it’s possible we’ll see this model return to 40mm in 2023. Just a simple scale down and the rest of the watch is pretty much in place. Given the heritage of the Explorer II tool watch, I don’t think we’ll see any interesting colors, but that’s okay because the black and white dial and orange splotches on the GMT hands are cool enough. gents replica watches

Our prediction: the new Explorer II will return to its original 40mm size.

Rolex Milgauss Replica
The current Milgauss has been in the Rolex catalog for quite some time and, if I may say so, it needs a desperate update. I think this update might happen this year for a number of reasons. First off, the Air-King has the exact same case as the Milgauss, which was updated last year to a more streamlined, thinner case with a crown guard, and it’s very likely that the Milgauss will follow in those footsteps. This will make the new Millghauss not only more wearable, but also certainly aesthetically modern.

Now speaking of spice, I think we could also see a major update in dial design from Milgauss, as well as a complete replacement of the polarized lightning seconds hand with something straight forward and more standard. I also think we could see Rolex bring back the rotating bezel like seen on the vintage version of this watch.

Our prediction: a new Milgauss with a thinner, streamlined case, changing the seconds hand and dial, and adding a rotating bezel.

Rolex Submariner 124060
This year is actually the 70th anniversary of the Submariner, and we all know Rolex usually plans updates around anniversaries. It’s worth noting that the Submariner has received a major update for 2020, with a slimmer case design and a 1mm increase in size from 40mm to 41mm. Because of this, I’m inclined to think that Rolex might skip the big launch of the Sub this year and just stick with the current iteration, after all, Rolex doesn’t like to make major changes too often – if at all. cheap mens watches