Urwerk EMC Timehunter Stormtrooper

The new Urwerk EMC Timehunter White Ceramic Watch (aka Stormtrooper) was an easy moniker to choose because of Martin and Felix’s love of science fiction, especially Star Wars. The universe constructed by George Lucas has had a major influence on the design of Urwerk timepieces over the years. The Stormtrooper’s iconic armor became an instant icon upon its introduction in 1977. Designed for Lucas by Ralph McQuarrie, a concept artist who also worked on Starship Galactica and ET. The Stormtrooper design is intimidating but also looks super cool and super clean. The Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Stormtrooper evokes the same characteristics. The entire watch looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie, and the white ceramic case of this limited edition of 5 pieces sets it apart from previous models (and indeed all Urwerk watches). Gone is their signature black look as they embrace white for the first time.

Although they chose the “stormtrooper” moniker because of their white ceramic appearance, the EMC Time Hunters are not part of the Evil Empire, like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo donned stormtrooper armor to rescue Raid in Star Wars. Like Princess Ya. The EMC Timehunter Stormtrooper is 100% pure rebel at heart.

The EMC TimeHunter “Stormtrooper” belongs to the UR-Chronometry series, which encompasses the Urwerk watchmaking philosophy dedicated to exceptional precision. They do offer the unique possibility of measuring and adjusting the rate of movement. replica watches usa

The EMC TimeHunter is essentially a dual measurement instrument. Like a compass, a sextant, a machine tool, its appearance and even its surface indicate its nature. The EMC “Stormtrooper” is made of stainless steel with a titanium case back. Its aesthetic isn’t round, square or cushion-like, nor is it Urwerk’s signature hard-to-define shape. This high-tech “machine” follows the contours of its internal “motor” and is constrained by its individual organs. It is not symmetrical, regular, flat or curved, but is still beautiful and unique. EMC’s design obeys its function and transcends existing rules to create a unique personality.

Additionally, its stainless steel “hood” is micro-sandblasted and then given a hard matte ceramic paint finish. As a result, the surface of the EMC TimeHunter “Stormtrooper” takes on the grainy look of military equipment. The same functionalism dominates the dial with its matte black finish. Each indicated area has its own clearly marked space. Each unit is coated in fluorescent green superluminova. In addition to the main dial with a checkered grenade pattern that displays the hours and minutes, the EMC TimeHunter also features a disc-style small seconds hand, graduated in 5-second increments, at 1 o’clock. A power reserve indicator at 7 o’clock provides information on the winding status of the hand-wound movement, providing up to 80 hours of autonomous running time.

Indications related to the chronometric monitoring functions are concentrated at 11 o’clock and are indicated by the “EM Control” marking on the screw-down bezel. Rate accuracy is graded from -15 to +15, using seconds as the unit of measurement for daily rate deviation. Amplitude range is 180 to 330 in degrees. perfect replica watches

At the heart of the EMC concept lies the electronic/mechanical system that makes each timepiece unique, straddling two worlds. It is a fully mechanical watch optimized with the help of optoelectronic circuits. On the one hand, its hand-wound movement originates from Urwerk’s mind and hands. The UR-EMC2 movement is designed exclusively for the EMC series and is entirely crafted, finished, assembled and tuned by Urwerk.

On the other hand, it integrates an electronic module whose function is to measure the velocity of mechanical components. It has its own power source, separate from the rest of the movement. A large retractable lever located on the side of the housing raises the generator to power the control microcircuit. Thanks to its laser diode, it is able to collect two important data related to movement. It points to the scale and reads its amplitude (an indicator of the health of the movement) and rate deviation (an indicator of its accuracy), while comparing them to the internal clock. The latter takes the form of a processor running at 16 MHz and serves as a reference oscillator, i.e. a baseline.

On the one hand is the “engine”; on the other hand is the control unit. However, the two entities are not isolated from each other, quite the opposite. They are integrated and nested, and Urwerk has created a way to access both, making the EMC TimeHunter the only watch in the world that is truly wearer-adjustable. The chronograph adjustment screw allows manual fine-tuning of the balance wheel’s oscillation speed, thereby correcting for rate changes that inevitably occur over time and are closely related to the wearer’s use of the watch. The corrector is located on the back of the watch and is engraved with “Fine Tuning”. It manages the core behavior of the movement by changing the length of the regulating hairspring. fake watches for sale